Who Am I???

I am glad you stopped by…Thanks for that!!!

This is Rashmi, a young enthusiast. Enthusiast for what??? For living a quality life. Often drowning in deep thoughts, capable of pondering upon a numerous things in a single day-that is quite peculiar of me. At times, even the minutest detail doesn’t amiss my eyes and at others’ I am so busy day-dreaming that it doesn’t seem to matter, what’s going around. Analyzing ongoing and existing things, deriving inferences from them-is my favorite pastime, I don’t need to put in much effort there.

And yes, I can’t live without scribbling on a paper. If everything vanishes, even then, I’ll require a pen and a paper to survive.

Why “expressbywords”?

An era that moves at a breakneck speed, is what we are living in right now. Whatever you are, wherever you are-there is a multitude of things you are required to do to let the ends meet, running after one and the other. Highly tight schedules, complex work-life situations, expanded world-it’s the everyday chronicle of every second person.

But don’t you feel, life is not about repenting, not becoming a slave to daily routines? It’s about doing all those things, you don’t want to miss. Rather than running after all the ‘urgent’ things, it is required to do the ‘important’ things-that may rather sustain us to do the needful.

Hence “expressbywords” is a pursuit to unfold those ‘not-so-urgent’ areas of our life:

  1. It’s a place that serves as a compilation of thoughts on various aspects of life focusing more on the feelings rather than facts and figures.
  2. Picking up things from everyday life and deriving conclusions, putting those lessons in words-to refer, as and when required.
  3. It reflects our life itself which spreads into the whole range of subjects like day to day experiences, food, places, leisure and a few about work as well.
  4. Above all, a platform to befriend you and learn from you & your experiences.

The utmost intention is-to let you go “feeling-better” from this blog.

How it all started?

Frankly speaking, I got the very basic idea about a blog from the movie ‘Julie and Julia’ like most of us. And when we visited Agra in 2010, I didn’t want to let the episode fade away without recording the things I felt there and sharing it with the world. It started since then and I couldn’t look back after that, nor I want to…this blog is a world to me now, where I am all set to discover more friends, people who share visions and thoughts with me, those who are ready to express-themselves-by-words.

A little more about me…

  1. I am an architect, by choice. When I had to take a career decision, I didn’t have any access to movies like 3 idiots, inspiring you to follow your passion and not the herds. But that’s exactly why, I selected to be in a profession that interested me more, that seemed more creative.
  2. I was a science student but the maximum marks I attained in my exams, used to be from ‘literature’ 🙂
  3. I am the first daughter of my adorable and encouraging parents, who have always backed me up for every venture I take up. I have two charming siblings, for whom I want to be always there, when needed.
  4. And I am lucky to be married to a lovable husband, who is so versatile and favorable at all times, all endeavors. And now I own a lovely little daughter as well who is, as Steve Jobs rightly quotes, my heart walking outside my body.
  5. Above all, I am a Cancerian and nothing is more constant in me, than my mood swings 🙂
  6. Travel is one of the things that overwhelms me and this is one of my wishes to travel the whole world.
  7. I love finding recipes and cooking them whenever I get some time. Apart from that music, books, movies, creative ventures often interest me.

So I welcome you here, to this mini-world of me.

Life isn’t about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself…

~George Bernard Shaw

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23 thoughts on “Who Am I???

  1. Hello Rashmi. Yours looks like such an interesting blog. I will be shuffling through as time allows. 🙂 In the meantime, thank you, too, for dropping in on me. Marcy

  2. Hi Rashmi,
    Its very nice to know about an architect can be a good writer. I am also not good in writing a blog but what i’m doing just because its related with my study and experiences. But as your concern, you are writing general topics which need more concentration to stick with topic. but overall you are aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hiiii.
    Don’t know how i came to see your blog here, but trust me when it got opened, i found it catchy enough to take half an hour of mine. Although i was not interested in reading about Rockstar-your latest post, i stayed there and read it because you have presented in a very well manner.
    Apart from looks of your blog, the language you have used in your articles shows your experience and talent in this field. I am a student and have just created a blog few months before with two posts. Since m new to this, i need someone to guide me up to new heights. Although its not my actual field as m an IT student, i still want to continue this passion of mine in form a well furnished blogger.
    I will be glad to be in your contact and learn some writing fundas.

    Seeking reply.

    1. Hi Prateek

      I am really privileged to read this comment and thanks for finding this blog interesting. As far as writing is concerned, I am also not a professional writer, as you might have read here that I am professionally an architect. I just write for my pleasure and have started this blog one year ago. Still it would be good being in touch with you, especially sharing our experiences in writing. Thanks again!

  4. Hi Rashmi, I love the way your blog looks. It is simple yet stylish. I think, the architect in you is showing herself here 🙂
    Will read your blogs – yet to read them. You sound interesting though.

    1. Hi Sudaa, thanks a lot for this appreciation…I am totally ‘up in the air’… 🙂
      thanks for showing interest in my blog, I hope I’ll come up with more posts to interest you.

  5. hey Rashmi…….great writing girl……..proud of knowing a writer …..an architect ………and above all a friend like you 🙂 ……..happy posting !!!

  6. Hi Rashmi – Followed you here from WritingHappiness website. Nice blog you have running here. Read the article on Anna, nicely written. I am all hyped up supporting him, though not much we can do being outside of India. Glad he got his way. Nice to know you. Keep writing good stuff.

    1. Hi Praveen

      Thanks for visiting my blog and the appreciation too. You are right, we are happy that Anna’s efforts didn’t go waste. Hope to see more advancements this way.

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