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Healthy Eating Habits – 7 Basics & their Practical Implementation

In the last two posts we tried to help you understand your eating patterns and plan your meals effectively as per the existing patterns. But in order to start eating healthy, this is just the analysis and mindset preparing part. Now it’s the time to hit the Bull’s Eye. Yes, in this post we shall … Continue reading Healthy Eating Habits – 7 Basics & their Practical Implementation

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We’re Rashmi & Abhay – partners in almost every crime.  Best buddies, soul mates, parents; we’re happy to be together in this journey called LIFE.

This website is an account of our continuing quest to find meaning and balance in life. You’ll find here, our thoughts and stories that revolve around Healthful Lifestyle, Holistic Well-being and Mindfulness. We endeavor to serve it as a dose of Positivity and Balance.

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How meal planning can help you save your time and stress everyday! How you can organize things a little better, such that eating well becomes effortless!