Incredible India

Recently I and my husband went for a weekend trip to Agra so as to witness the very well known Taj mahal (one of the Seven Wonders of World) and Fatehpur sikri. These places are so customary getaways that we had always procrastinated visiting them and tried to find some new and different place for an outing. But the experience was incredibly extraordinary for me as I had never seen such an architectural marvel and the supremacy it bears, before.

drive on NH 2
Wah Taj!

The major excitement about the trip was long drive from Gurgaon to Agra (as we have purchased a car 2 months back and learnt driving on that car only). Although we were quite discouraged by the traffic congestion as we entered Agra, general behavior of local people on road and above all, the long queue we had to pass through before having a look at Taj Mahal. But as we entered into the complex and I viewed Taj Mahal in actual, I could not believe it was standing just in front of me. We have become so accustomed to the view of that particular building that it seemed to be another photograph only. And when I saw the proportion of people standing on the podium as compared to Taj, I was totally startled as the building didn’t appear to be so enormous from entrance.

triumphal arch
majestic beauty
minaret at Taj
We really enjoyed the beauty of scrupulous work done on this sculpture. And the best part is that inspite of using the same white marble throughout and having same façade on all four sides, the monotony doesn’t deteriorate its charm and delicacy at all. Moreover, the Tongas pulled by horses and camels, battery run rickshwas were another source of fascination for me that run to and fro towards the parking area. I was delighted to experience the Sholay’s Dhanno there.
dhanno ki savari
Next day, we went to Fatehpur Sikri which was also very familiar as almost all Indians have seen Hindi movies especially Jodha Akbar starring Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai. I was deeply captivated by the insanely impeccable carving done on the stone in each and every building there. All the time I was imagining the majesty and grandeur of the royalty who used to live there, that I wished I could also experience the same (being one of those royal people). It was all awesome how these all buildings have stood the test of times in all these hundreds of years.
immaculate work in stone
pigeons flying in open court
arcade in stone
meticulous carving
magnificent monotony
royal bird

After the ancient heritage of India, we thought of giving us some natural retreat too. So we went to Bharatpur national park which is just 25 km from Fatehpur Sikri. We had to walk a long way in order to see some beautiful wildlife and capture some good shots there.

Jungle trail
Indian Parakeets
another bird
picture perfect
innocent squirrel
in marshy land
Peacock posing on the tree top

There we concluded our trip and headed our way back home which was again a long drive of around 5 hours. The drive itself was a first time experience of driving on highway at night. Although I was driving very carefully because I didn’t want to enter into any problem being a beginner, but it was all a very thrilling experience. It was only when we were having our dinner on the roadside dhaba that I realized how fast we were moving on the highway.


13 thoughts on “Incredible India

  1. incredible xeibition of wonderfull photography and the way u write the blogs, I think u should have opted to generlism instead of being architect.

  2. I am glad I read this post of yours. We had been to Agra and Fatehpur Sikri recently and you know what? I accidentally deleted all the photos from our camera that we managed to take during the trip – talk about technology in your hands! We could not go to Bharatpur but the rest of the photos brought back good memories. No matter how many times you hear or see the picture of Taj Mahal, the sensation and feeling that overwhelms you when you actually see it standing in front of you is beyond words. We were glad to finally see the Taj. And Fatehpur Sikri was another undoubtedly awesome experience. I am tempted to just visit the place again and sit right in the middle of it and to let history sink inside me!

    1. I know, these digital photos…the ease with which you can take them, you can lose them more easily…:(
      Anyways, you are right, this can serve as a way of visiting the places again and clicking the marvels all over again, with more care to not loose them this time. Best of journey!!!

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