Bigg Boss and the real life…

I am not going to talk about the pros and cons of Big Boss, nor am I going to write anything about its authenticity or methods used to entertain people. It might be a big commercial investment and business for some people but after being regularly observing the Season 4 of this popular reality show since past 2 months, I take this as a very practical mode to understand human behavior readily. The way the contestants are supposed to stay in a single house for about three months, with no connection to the outside world and being overseen by a mysterious person known as ‘Bigg Boss’, whose only presence in the house is through his voice, it seems to be the whole world for them during the period they are inside. He seems to act like a God who puts them into adversities of tasks and then rewards too at times when they perform well.

And the process of nominations gets even more interesting when they have lesser choices to evict their housemates. It gives a glimpse of choices we generally make in our daily life towards the people we deal with, how some of them turn into our favorites and how we start abhorring others. Hence even a little incidence within the house turns into nominations now. And only those who can compose themselves and get along with people well even in negative environments of competition, scarcity and punishments have better chances to survive through.

We have seen often people bursting out due to anger or emotions on the show, because of the adverse atmosphere there. And actually these are the means (like back biting, fighting, flattering etc.), we all adopt in our daily affairs to coexist with other people in this world and keep moving along our own ways. That is where our personality and values come into picture and play their significant role in shaping the things and also deciding our stance too.

But in the end (it’s totally my personal opinion), it’s your patience and intelligence how you behave in adverse situations that lets you survive a little longer. And perhaps that’s why most of the people are speculating Samir Soni to win the show as he has been the most intelligent and poise person within the house till now. Let’s see what happens ultimately.


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