When the clock strikes 12 tonight!!!

A few more hours and the whole world will sweep into a new year, a new decade. Everybody is excited about the new phase to come, which will be commenced as soon as the clock strikes 12 tonight. And that is very explicit when you go through your blogs or Facebook, Orkut, Twitter or even Google. Although 1st Jan will be just another day in our lives, but still people are optimistic and hoping that somehow things will be better. Many of us are taking resolutions to play our own part in polishing things further, and some are just confused, whether resolutions will do any favour or not. 

Gazing at all this, is thrilling me even more and making me wish that may God bestow all the happiness and contentment to everyone. Any person, who thinks reasonably, will fathom that resolutions cannot actually make any enhancements. Rather, sometimes resolutions turn out to be things we actually never do.

What I feel is, it’s not the resolutions that resist us from pursuing them, but instead, we expect a lot from a mere single day to change our whole world. New Year – New You! The Path to Successful New Year’s Resolutions is the perfect answer to why our resolutions fail miserably. We actually don’t move on stepwise, making ourselves habitual of the changes we want and hence we end up nowhere.

One of my good friends has posted on his Face book profile that Everybody is feeling nostalgic or thankful for the decade gone by…………to be honest I have a mixed feeling as I am not able to recall any good or bad memories form the past……..all I wish and pray for is that everyone’s tomorrow is better than today and that is not only for the first day of the new decade but for all years to come. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

If our plans for the New Year celebrations are, to spend the first day of the year as an ideal one, doing all that we would like to do, the New Year joy will certainly diminish after that first day. To keep moving further, it is required that we devote some time to ponder upon what we desire and how we can tread to substantiate it. Only leaping those treads would help us let our resolutions transform into positive changes in our lives.

This is something that I feel, now let me try that too.

Wish you all a healthy and prosperous time ahead.


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