Thanks 2010!

With all the highs and lows, the momentous year 2010 has come to an end. Earlier too, I was just pondering upon all the things it brought to us and what all we are taking forward while ushering into the new decade. So let me pen down the same now. I saw this as a year of incremental enhancements. Things in all respects kept on settling down and moving on as if there is somebody who is always observing what we really require and is there to provide us with all those things.

Although, the whole year has been a year of accomplishments and milestones for me. But if I am asked to state a single major accomplishment for that year, I would certainly say that I got the love of my life in this auspicious year. I got married to my best mate and got privileged to spend the rest of my life with him. The whole process of preparing for the wedding, sending invitations, making various plans and schedules, choosing and purchasing items for our new household and then starting our new life, a new abode-was all a “once in a life time” experience only. And for sure, I will cherish these fond memories throughout my life.

This year has brought me closer to my parents and augmented my faith in the Almighty. It has granted me a chance to live the rest of my life with my best mate and turned him into my soul mate. It has enlarged my circle of concern and appended a whole new family too into my relations. It has let me move on higher with every step.

That is why I feel today that I can carry forward all the good things this year has brought in for me and leave behind all the negativity. I am growing with each coming day and He is there to take due care of us. There are lot many things to be done and I should focus on them now, making this particular life more and more ravishing and resplendent, so that the years coming ahead may also bring more of joy and fulfillment.


8 thoughts on “Thanks 2010!

  1. Congratulations on getting married. Wish you a great life ahead 🙂

    Thanks for like’ing my blog. Keep visiting often.

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