Is it hard to smile???

Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.
Thich Nhat Hanh

Sometimes I really wonder, how somebody can depend upon a single thing that will make you smile. It is really hard to even put those things that can make me smile, in a preference order too. Well this makes it clear that, there are several things and not just one. I am a simple person and I never restrain my smile even at a little deed that gives you a joy worth a smile.

To list a few are (which are just randomly ordered):

  • visiting my parents
  • good food, even its fragrance too
  • nice and sweet compliments
  • looking at mirror when I am looking pretty
  • seeing my hubby when I am waiting for him or even when he appears suddenly
  • a successful culinary experiment
  • a gorgeous dress
  • a melodious song
  • a jubilant travel
  • a long drive
  • a surprise gift
  • a phone call from a friend
  • a party or just a get together
  • writing something, and above all receiving beautiful comments from the readers
  • and much more
  • sometimes, a smile is also helpful when I don’t want to answer or don’t understand what to say

Even I want to grow to the extent that I be able to smile at my failure at times, so that I can get up and start afresh. Smile is a wonderful thing God has gifted us to express our joy and diminish the grief surrounding us. So keep smiling!


2 thoughts on “Is it hard to smile???

  1. it was a nice thought to share seriously after reading this i felt like that there are so much small things which make me smile …thanks for reminding me all that .

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