Express by words : either text or talk!!!

I have always been known as the chirpiest person in my family and my close friends too, who keeps on talking and would love to talk forever and ever. I remember one of my teachers, very cordially, told my parents in the Parent teacher meeting that ‘your daughter has a hobby of talking’. And my parents too got his point very steadily, what he wants to say that “Ghoshshsh! your girl is too talkative.” And now I have further framed a much more classy statement for the same thing – “I have so many thoughts and I need to communicate them” 🙂

Although talking has been the default mode of communication for all of us,  but apart from talking, I had a habit of writing things too, when I learnt more of language and vocabulary in school. I used to write diaries, my personal messages on birthdays, festivals and new years to my parents and friends. And at times, I even wrote letters to my parents for expressing my grief or anger for a particular issue. Even today I love writing. I know how happy I am, to start-up this blog.

I find the things are better expressed when they are written. And thanks to the Information Technology, now we have immense options to write as well. When you are short of time or are not able to talk due to any reason, you have the option to send an sms. An e-mail gives the flexibility to be expressed when the other person has ample time to read. Furthermore, the communities like Facebook are just a boon to stay connected to all those, whom you have ever been in touch in your life. It has brought the world closer and broadened our own world that used to be little and compact earlier.

To conclude, I will say that it depends upon situations, that which one is a better mode. Text can help in conducting formal conversations in a better way as you are more precise and comprehensible. And of course, I would love to hear the voice of those friends with whom we try to stay connected on Facebook, even after so many years. No doubt, I would love to see them and chat for hours and hours like we used to do earlier. But I know the time has changed and now text is a much more comfy and manageable mode. So keep texting and if you get a chance keep talking!!!


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