How can I ever forget that Job Interview/Torture?

Job interviews: the name itself, is so flashy that it gives you butterflies in your stomach. Whether it is for your first job or you are just switching jobs, its spell doesn’t seem to achromatize. I also underwent one of the interviews that was nothing less than an adventurous feat. It was 2 years back, we were just back from a friend’s wedding in Rohtak that morning. And I had an interview scheduled for 12 noon. Everything was going smooth, there was adept correspondence with the consultant about the interview details and I had confirmed, I will be reaching there at the prearranged time.

So all excited, all set, I got ready and left for the day. At that time, I didn’t have my conveyance, so I hired a cycle rickshaw to the place. And it’s only the residents of Gurgaon, who know, how bad the public conveyance is there, in the city. Metro has been a great respite but still the problem to commute within the city persists. Yes! I reached the venue around 10-15 minutes before the time, to have my first impression of being punctual. But the place seemed fishy, I inquired at the entrance gate and they told me, “They used to have an office here, but now they have shifted around 2 months back and we have no idea where the new office is.” Damn! I was too startled to see how nonchalant and reckless can somebody be. They are holding an interview and they didn’t even care to keep the consultant updated with the new address. I called her up and apprised her of the scenario. She too got abashed and tailored the things with the company.

Oh! it was too hot noon in the month of April and I had already cruised by a rickshaw since past 30 minutes. 😦 The new location was quite far, how far, I had no clue. Now I was in a total dilemma-should I continue with my impulse of visiting the new venue or quit and go back? I asked the rickshaw wala if he can take me up to the new location. He was quite keen and assured me too, that I need not worry; I will reach there all well. Keeping up with his spirits, I too, took it as a challenge to reach that lousy place and not back out.

The rick went on and on… After a particular stretch, he would stop and interrogate for the address. It was getting sickening now, he paused for a glass of water and said “Madam you may also have one. You must also be exhausted.” And I was wondering, how he could be so enthusiastic in such a harsh sun, he wasn’t going for an interview! And the one, who was actually going, had already decided not to take up that job in any case. Finally, after a huge turmoil of moving on a cycle rickshaw for around 90 minutes on the National Highway, we somehow reached the venue. There was a pungent smell of factories all around. I paid 200 bucks to the rickshaw (which is quite much, but it seemed okay for such a long distance) and went in, all with a frenzied mind.

Thankfully, they didn’t let me wait for long and the HR manager called me and the technical person in his cabin. As I entered, he didn’t defer to say, “You were supposed to come at 12 noon and it’s 2.00 pm now.” And phew! that was the limit. I couldn’t take it anymore. I conveyed my fury about the whole scene, all the inconvenience I had due to their negligence. 😦 And then there was another surprise waiting for me. He examined my resume and said, “We are looking for a person with architectural background who can work on industrial projects and help us in architectural part related to it.” Goshh! now my patience had crossed all the limits and I almost refused to continue further with the interview. I have taken a full day off for them, I am working in a reputed company and working on large commercial projects and these people didn’t even bother to tell what profile exactly they are looking for? The consultant had informed me that it is an opening for an architect to work on multi-storied commercial and retail projects, but the scenario was much more deplorable than it seemed when I was on the rickshaw.

They were still insisting on the interview and asked me assorted questions about my work profile, achievements at current job, problem solving and what not. And I know, I have never performed better in any other interview till date. All my frustration, I was venting out in the response to their questions. They finally said, “we are shortlisting you and will inform you about the next proceedings. Please be assured, we’ll be paying you a good amount.” I simply came out keeping the decorum of the interview and left by shifting around 3-4 autos, without even thinking about the whole nightmare I had during this day. I was so frazzled that I slept for around 3-4 hours after again covering those 20 km and still couldn’t recuperate completely.

After 2 days, I received an enticing call from their consultant, “Madam, congratulations! they have shortlisted you and are offering you a very good package. You are requested to please go for another round of interview there and do rest of the formalities.” I simply refused that I am not interested. But I had to explain as well. She called me 2-3 more times, but I was firm and the reason I quoted was “it doesn’t serve my long-term professional goals, so I am sorry.”

Only I know, how relinquished I was after refusing and not receiving any further call. And since then, I am too much in love with my present job. I am very much clear and selective now, that I won’t go anywhere unless until I get something better than this!


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