Generating ideas for your daily posts

People born with artistic inclination towards writing and an active imaginative right brain, are often readily perceptible in the formative years, when they are taught comprehensive writing in school. But being gifted does not make sure that one can turn into a successful writer as well. The skill of writing, still needs to be polished to produce some work, worth reading.

There is infinite data available that can guide you How to Develop Creative Writing Skills. In order to stretch your writing muscles, one should start with small steps/exercises and I feel your blog is the right platform to let the creative juices flow and grow further in steps. Here is something that I have realized in all these days of my blogging experience.

How blogging helps you hone your writing skills?

1. Small steps: The key to improvement is always in starting with small steps. One can easily undergo small writing exercises in form of daily blog posts, which is again essential (writing daily) for betterment. This can serve as your daily journal.

2. Exercising you brain: When you are writing something to published publicly, it will definitely let you rethink about the quality and validity of your post or content before clicking the ‘publish’ button. Hence it helps us put our brain into doing something influential.

3. Knowledge expansion: Writing about a particular topic, lets you enhance your knowledge and insight about the same.

4. Reading other blogs: Reading other blogs, subscribing to the favourite ones-can help us understand what sort of work we like.

5. Feedback from readers: Writing on a blog always gives you an added advantage of getting feedback from readers. If you are open to healthy criticism, you can learn much more.

Hence to make the fullest utilization of blogging, one should write regularly. And that’s why, many of us have taken up this as a resolution: to post daily. But when it comes to writing daily, the next concern that comes up, is the topics or ideas for writing.

Word press too has brought out a great idea of The Daily Post for challenging all the bloggers to write daily, but they can simply offer us the prompts, which may or may not match our interests or goals. We still need to keep our brains functioning to produce some original quality work and do your own thing.

How to get new ideas for your blog?

1. Reading material: Browsing through as many websites, newspapers, articles, magazines and other online resources as possible and pick your interest areas. Any small incidence can trigger a fabulous idea.

2. Observation: Paying attention to the things going around, observing the people and incidents around closely can derive a new idea.

3. Creative writing: Going through lessons, tutorials, tips etc. for developing creative writing and enhancing vocabulary can help us have better command on the language.

4. Analysis: Analyzing the things from your own perspective can turn you share your viewpoints with the rest of the world.

There are probably several other ways to strike a new idea or prompt for writing daily. Your ideas too are most welcomed! Please share.


8 thoughts on “Generating ideas for your daily posts

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  2. Great tips! I have a notebook that I use to write down blog posts as they occur to me. Then I can filter through them when I sit down to write and see which one I feel like developing.

  3. Hey,
    I’m tackling postaweek and it’s not easy. I love your blog and more grease to your elbows as you tackle postaday. Your tips on generating ideas are great and I’ll probably be coming back to remind myself of them. All the best! K

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