Who is SHE???

It’s Sunday evening, the most beautiful day of the week for her. And she’s sitting aside feeling privileged to have the affluence of a few hours to think about herself and her life. Within a few hours it will be 11 o’ clock, the time to go to bed and then her eyes will open up to a new day, ready with all the targets she has to meet, starting with getting ready for the office and rushing in her car beating all the traffic, so as to reach there by 10 o’ clock.

She is working in an MNC with highly competitive work environment and has many deadlines to meet, new projects to work, once again from Monday on. She is another confident, smart and intelligent woman who wants to be versatile and play her part well. So apart from working in office throughout the day, meeting several people and resolving all the issues and problems that come up, she also concentrates on more polished communication skills and attractive personality so as to not be laid back in that sphere. She has recognized that it is essential to keep update with the events going around to keep her well-informed.

In order to keep up with her fast paced world and let her keep working as she loves to do that, she also requires to pay due attention to her health as well with daily exercise and proper balanced meals. As she’s not living with her mother anymore, it’s she herself who has to take care of these things too, Although her husband is very supportive, it’s she who has to see the things are working orderly in her household, it’s she who has to keep a tab on the work that house help does.

Since work consumes most of the week, she dwells upon spending time with her family as well. She opines that running commitment after commitment will consume her whole life and the time will be up, so she makes it a point to pursue her hobbies too and foresees going on regular vacations and breathe easy, take time out for movies, candlelight dinners, evening stroll, meeting friends and much more during weekends.

And today, she is sitting and wondering how all her needs, desires and aspirations have directed how she spends most of her time. She wants to do all this but in order to let the things keep moving in right direction, she will always need this luxury of some free time to think about.

Now are you wondering who she is? I guess no, because it can be the story of anyone of us. She is you, she is me, She is the woman of today. Balanced life has much wider definition when it comes to a woman’s life. And that’s true!!!


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