Birdwatching and a little more!!!

After posting about our trip to Agra, that almost marked the advent of this blog, I was quite amused with the idea of having a travel diary here. Traveling has been a major temptation for me since ever. And hence, now I am in a process of browsing through my photo archives, bringing out those fond memories of the places I have been to, in the recent past and been able to have the pictures.

This particular post is about one of our day trips to Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, which is around 25km away from our place in Gurgaon, on one of the Sundays.

There is a water body (lake) along which the whole bird sanctuary is developed. We kept on walking on trails along this lake and capturing some shots of the birds, savoring the natural beauty of the place.

Although we are not very keen bird watchers. But the idea of having some natural hideaway on weekends, after exhausting ourselves the whole week immersed in work, is itself very exhilarating.

And above all, we were elated that we still have some pleasing places too, in our vicinity, which are a little offbeat, way-out from the conventional shopping malls, which have turned out into the only hang-out places available here.

And hence we returned back with a joy in our hearts.


5 thoughts on “Birdwatching and a little more!!!

  1. Looks like a wonderful place, thanks for sharing.Will check out this sanctuary on my next visit to the NCR.Just an honest advise Rashmi : get yourself a SLR and a long lens, if you really love to capture those beautiful birds you saw.

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