Kempty had a great fall

What can be anything better than an outing with a bunch of friends and that too during a season when it is scorching hot in Delhi and the plan is to visit “the Queen of Hills”. Yes, this is about Mussoorie: a hill station we visited last summers 🙂

Delhi offers a wide range of options for weekend getaways in vicinity, so it was after a multitude of permutations and combinations that this particular destination could be frozen. Ready to refuel our energy tanks, we left Delhi and the drive was normal till Dehradun. It is only when you climb up from there for the next one hour, that you can come across the feeling of reaching a heavenly place like Mussoorie. The beautiful flora and fauna along the twisting and turning roads with hairpin bends, made us slide down our windows and feel the cool breeze and sudden drop in temperature.

Coming back from the parking lot, it was so much of pleasure to keep walking along the Mall road. It’s just so peculiar of the typical hill stations, a road along the hill and assorted shops on its sides, and so many faces from all over the regions inside and outside the country. Bhuttas, tikki, pani puri, ice cream-everything was available there with a few restaurants too where one can have the meals too. Monkeys were jumping here and there. Benches, street lights and specially the advertisement banners were quite distinct there.

Though it was a short visit, we preferred to way ahead towards Kempty falls too, an hour’s drive from Mussoorie. This 40 ft waterfall is the highest of five cascades that branch from a mountain stream, and cuts its way through great boulders and rock faces. The whole place was crowded by the stalls and hawkers, all welcoming you to have a look at what they have with them, to offer you. There were so many people taking pictures in different poses and enjoying the beauteous place like this. Going down by the timber trail was itself a dramatic experience.

And finally we ended our trip there, having our share of some fresh air and beauty captured in our eyes as well as digital cameras, and headed our way home.


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