Me 2001 Vs Me 2011: Do 10 years make a difference???

Well ! this is a little complex. Have you ever tried to question your “10 years past self” that how he/she envisions his/her life? Here is my experiment:

Me 2011: Hi, can I have your brief introduction ?

Me 2001: Hi, I am a teenager, a school-going girl, studying in 12th standard and living with my parents and siblings in a small town of Himachal Pradesh. Along with preparing for my board exams, I am also aspiring for an admission in some reputed professional college. I will be appearing for the entrance exams for engineering and architecture after I am over with the board exams. As this is my last year in school, I am hoping and trying my best to score good this time.

Apart from studies, I am day-dreaming now a days about the life to come-the college life, new friends, living in hostel and having lots of fun. But then, I wish I can get into some good college, competition is very tough these days.

Me 2011: What do you find most challenging about this phase of your life?

Me 2001: Compelling myself to study (so that I can score well) itself, is quite challenging for me. I am free-bird kind of girl who loves to chat, play and plan little little things for future. But when it comes to actually getting into my boring bulky books, I seriously have to push myself.

Me 2011: Who are the people you think are most supportive or encouraging for you?

Me 2001:  Of course, my parents. They, not only bear the expenses of my studies, but also wake me up every morning at 5 am so that I can study with a fresh mind. My father doesn’t allow me to study after 11 pm. And not only this, they keep checking that I am studying and not sleeping at frequent intervals in those morning hours. Also they make sure my siblings don’t disturb me while studying and let me have a conducive environment. Although my father, at times, asks me to help my mother in the kitchen and it feels like a wastage of time.

Some of my teachers are also very motivating and friends have their own way of encouraging each other.

Me 2011:  What are your other interests or hobbies?

Me 2001: I used to go for some music classes a few years back but now, generally I don’t find much time for pursuing any hobby . But yes, my mother has always bucked me up to take part in various activities at school. Hence my intention has always been to participate in all the events possible. I can sing, I can dance, I can debate, I can act, I can compeer/be an anchor on stage. I have done commentary in an athletic meet too. Also I have written some poems in free time and I simply love my diary which serves to me as a best friend.

Me 2011: What are your priorities in life?

Me 2001: I don’t have many things to have any priority. I have a small world. My family and my friends are my world and it depends on situations, which one is more important at that time. I mean, if I have a fight with friends then of course parents are important and when they scold me or don’t agree with me then it’s the friends who are the best people and most important ones. I can’t say studies are a priority because I don’t have a choice. I have to study to become self-sufficient.

Me 2011: No, I mean whether money is more important or family, friends or your own dreams?

Me 2001: See, I am lucky to have parents who stand by with my dreams, so I don’t need to choose one out of them.

Me 2011: Where do you look yourself 10 years down the line?

Me 2001: Well, 10 years is a long time to think about. By the next 5-6 years, I might have passed out from college and 10 years from now, I hope I will be a self-sufficient girl working at a good place (especially living in a big city), may be married too and living another phase of my life.

Walking down the memory lane
Walking down the memory lane

How life has changed its meaning for me. No doubt, many of my dreams have come true. I have passed out, become an architect, working since past 4 years, living in the capital of India and of course living my new phase of life. Now there are several dimensions that have added up, I also have a clear vision towards the components of my life, my priorities, my dreams, my desires and much more. Most of the things have come up as per plans but still , life is much more complicated now. There are many things to think about and many more to act upon.

My life was simple 10 years back and perhaps you also feel the same way. My compact world included going to school throughout the year, enjoying the various events coming through and then moving on to next level. Now we keep moving, much faster, but the levels are not determined, they are not very clear, they are not very easy.

 And in such a scenario reflecting back on past, 10 years back, gives such a delightful feeling.


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