Seven Husbands…Are you kidding?

I assumed “Susanna’s Seven Husbands” might be a story written long back by Ruskin Bond, the famous writer, whose creations, we have gone through in our literature classes at school (that’s how I knew him till date). But it was today only, that I read somewhere, this book has been published in Feb 2011. And the next impulse was a swift Wikipedia-surf to know a little more about him. The movie based on his novel Saat Khoon Maaf had already kept me preoccupied for the whole day ever since I saw that (by now, it must be very clear that I haven’t read the novel).

Apparently, the acting as well as the story is superb. But the best of all is, you know explicitly it’s a fiction – it is not true, nor it can be true. I mean, nobody can have such an ill-fate. Falling in love for seven times with the wrong person and even getting married too, to all the seven. After going through such a dreadful experience with one, two, or even three of them, nobody will even think of marriage. Hence it is very clear the story is absolutely a fiction, but still why my intellect is being challenged by the stupid thoughts that are arising (perhaps I am thinking a lot about it).

  1. How much, we human beings need some people around us, whether family or friends, those who love us. How lonely otherwise, a person can be and how it can turn him/her hopelessly hopeful (may be this time, it’s going to work).
  2. Situations may seem tough or even impossible, but when you are actually into it, you don’t have any other option than getting out of it, by any means. And that’s what she does, every time she falls prey.

Somebody just asked me, why she doesn’t get caught even after murdering seven people (husbands). And my prompt reply was, “just go and watch the movie.” Although I am convincing myself that it is a fiction, but back of the mind, I also know I am thinking all this just because the way this story is written and the way it is enacted on-screen by Priyanka Chopra & other characters, it is simply powerful, it is contagious.


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