Naini…You look beautiful!!!

Another hill station, yet again. And now, this time it is Nainital. Despite being such a familiar hideout Mussoorie-Nainital’ for Delhites and researching quite well, about the place before going there, it was least expected to view that grand lake within the center of the town (surrounded by pine and oak), set amongst the towering peaks of the Kumaon Himalayas.

You may stroll along the lake, try a bit of boating, shop at the Mall, capture some gorgeous shots in your camera, enjoy Bhutta or ice-cream or do nothing at all, but relax and watch the lake changing its colors every while like chameleon.

Hill stations have a unique spell of their own especially during monsoons. Summers are explicitly a relief from the heat of plains and winters offer the snow-clad show. But in monsoons, when everything is green and mist is all around, you can expect any drastic change in weather. There is pleasant weather and you plan to go out for a stroll and as you get ready, it starts drizzling. Now you make your mind to either go or wait and thick rain drops start falling which you can hear aloud over the sloping tin roofs, making it easier to decide. As you sit down to have a sip of tea while watching TV, the sun starts shining brightly. But beware; you can’t even rely on this one too.

There are hordes of people coming from different places to spend their weekend, so if you want to be a little different from the rest, move to the outskirts and let yourself detox with peace prevailing. Naukuchiatal is amongst the loveliest lakes in Kumaon’s lake district, deep blue expanse of water, all engulfed in the terraced green hills and forests, making you believe you are in heaven.

Strolling around the secluded lake amongst woods you can see the flowers blossom and hear the birds chirping. It feels like a place out of this world-watching ducks, lotuses, boating and one or two dhabas around to have some food, cooked fresh just for you.

Needless to say, the trip was very rejuvenating and proved that slowing down the pace of life can really refresh and make you ready for all the day-to-day fight back home.


8 thoughts on “Naini…You look beautiful!!!

  1. Is that your white dog? He/she is so cute! What sort of dog is it? I like your photography very much. I felt like I was there with you for a moment!

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