The ritual of watching Cricket World Cup

Yes, you read it right. It’s not about playing cricket, it’s about watching cricket. 🙂

Dale Carnegie says ‘Every act you have ever performed since the day you were born was performed because you wanted something’ in his bestseller How to win friends and influence people. Hary A. Overstreet in his illuminating book Influencing Human Behavior said ‘Action springs out of what we fundamentally want’.

This is about the people who specialize in human behavior. One of our colleagues was also preaching one day ‘Nobody in this world, does anything unless until they have some personal interest in it.’ We, in general also know that our time is very precious, especially in busy world like today. But I really wonder what power this cricket beholds? How come it can manage to let so many busy souls out there throughout the world, particularly in India, stay glued to their television screens, while their team is playing. Despite the fact, that a plenty of variety of cricket tournaments are there now. But the World Cup fever doesn’t even seem to fade, let apart die.

If you have some urgent work on a day when India is playing, don’t worry, go out hurriedly and you can come back within half the time it usually takes. There is no traffic on the road on a match-day (this is obvious, but still tried and tested 😉 ).

One of my friends even posted that “Facebook should be renamed to cricket-book…Ppl like me who hate 50+50 overs match should leave it for a day”.

Movies still allure a particular age group or interest-group, but cricket…it can charm all categories: whether they are school-going lads or matured busy people of my father’s age. My father – he’s very particular about time, doesn’t waste it in watching television or movies. But even he can manage to leave aside or else complete his important work in advance, so that he can spare some time to see India playing. PVRs prefer to play cricket match during the World Cup than movies and people do buy tickets for the same.

And the best of all is: everyone has a piece of advice for every player and every ball-how should the bowler throw the ball at a particular situation, how the fielder should avoid boundaries, how the batsman should hit hard, or any other important playing strategies during the whole match-everyone has a fair idea/suggestion for those professional players too.

Is that funny? Is that crazy? Is that too much? I can not say, I don’t have an idea. But yes, people forget to see friends, people forget to call families when it is the question of a cricket world cup match. I am not too fanatic about cricket, but I also, enjoy the last few decisive overs. I too, don’t shy away from saying ‘abe catch pakad’ or ‘abe chauka rok’. This excitement is unparalleled. Just a few minutes ago, I saw an outstanding cricket match, although we lost it.

I never thought I will write something about sports (as I am least interested in the same). But the whole cricket season is so overwhelming, I couldn’t resist writing this post.


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