Looking back to move forward

Browsing through my subscriptions at WordPress as per the daily routine, I realized today that it’s been around four months that I started up this blog and resorted to writing every now and then. Although I have not been very active, especially during the past one month when I was a little preoccupied with traveling and thinking 😉 , I think, I have really enjoyed this whole process of thinking, writing, publishing and then getting feedback in several ways. And to see people visiting your blog and some of them liking and commenting your posts, motivates me to move on further. I would like to thank all the people who visited my blog and hiked the total number of all-time views to 1,891 in the past four months.

And perhaps that is why, before posting some new work, I would like to look back and share the top 5 favorite posts out of the 29 that I have published as yet. This rating is based upon how satisfied I felt after posting them or how much I liked them myself and not upon the number of views.

10 steps towards a better life

This post is a summary of various things we should take care while trudging through the journey of life because ultimately it is not the number of years, it’s the quality of years you spent on this earth.

Incredible India

After the road trip to Agra, this post marked the beginning of this blog. I wanted to share the astounding experience I had while visiting the architectural heritage just lying in our neighborhood.

Me 2001 Vs Me 2011: Do 10 years make a difference???

The same people undergo so many changes/advancements with due course of time and it is real fun looking back and analyzing the way you changed/ progressed.

Seven husbands…Are you kidding?

What all this Bollywood stint of Priyanka Chopra, Saat Khoon Maaf, made me think, I preferred to pen it down when the impression was all fresh because everything fades away with time.

Who is She???

Sometimes I really wonder how many dimensions are there in one’s life who wants to keep a balance and do justice with every aspect of it. This post explains a bit about the same.

Now I feel this blog is just like a friend to me, which lets me share my views and experiences in a candid way. It helps me understand myself better and live more thoughtfully. And I hope it grows further and apart from just finding me, may create me as well…


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