3 big lessons this year 2011 has given me so far

You like it or not, time has its own methods of preaching, spreading its lessons on all of us-sometimes in a subtle voice, while banging hard at our doors, at other times. In these past five months too, we all must have gone through many experiences which made us learn new things or else believe certain things more strongly. I chose to put mine in this post, sharing them with you all and playing my part. Thanks to this blog-it has made me more thoughtful and learn from my surroundings in several different ways.

1. The only thing that remains constant is – Change

We find ourselves apprehensive or worried about a particular moment or situation, but actually when it arrives, things have changed a great deal. With days, months and years, things keep changing. They keep changing within us, around us. They keep us moving, they keep us alive. That is how we grow, that is how we don’t become stagnant. So it’s always better to live in the moment, live it to the fullest and perform your level best there and then-as per the wisdom and resources available.

2. This world doesn’t run on logic, though it seems so

I read in a book, “about 15% of one’s success is due to one’s technical knowledge and about 85% is due to skill in dealing with people.” Winning arguments never pay. They may elevate your ego but they can never let you prosper. We can always complain that people make decisions based on personal liking/feelings. But that is how it is. This world doesn’t run on logic, it runs on likeability. We don’t prefer to be around the people who know more, we want those whom we like more. Hence the biggest investment is in building relations, richer relations.

3. Just because you deserve it, doesn’t mean you can get it

This is the world of dramatization. Merely having potential or doing quality work is not enough, you need to present it in a vivid, interesting and dramatic way. That is how you draw attention. Now I am not talking about the cheap publicity stunts but simply highlighting your worth, so that it can be brought to the attention of people concerned. After all, this is a busy and competitive world. I usually keep sharing the Vodafone Zoo Zoo advertisements on my Facebook profile. Those creative ads are also Vodafone’s another way of gaining attention. This is how you make people like your work, let them feel your presence, give you an edge. And this all is required, so that you can get what you deserve.

So come up, accept the changes going around, nourish your relations with people around and flaunt your work/talent and spread your wings.

P.S. I am really thankful to WordPress. It has added a new dimension to my life, where not only I can share my own ideas or experiences, but furthermore learn a lot from the fellow bloggers and those who visit mine.


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