Driving…Big Deal!!!

“Ohh! So you know driving? Then why do you bother your husband to come and drop you and then go back to his office that falls on the way?”

Yes, It’s me. This time I am preaching, and that too about driving. Yes, yes me only, who purchased the car and arranged for a driver at the showroom itself who could take the car to our house with its fuel tank full, so that we may need not call anyone when its fuel gets exhausted. 🙂

But it’s been 8 months now, ohhh exactly today, it has been 8 months (see I even remember our car’s anniversary 😉 ).

“Okay you used to drive in your hometown, then what’s the big deal about Gurgaon?”

Hey, I can say that now, although 8 months back, the story was upside down. Gurgaon has helped a great deal and that is why I can flaunt this style now, at least to those who are still learning, who are at my 8 months earlier situation. Even if you don’t want to learn the raw tactics of driving in a city like Gurgaon, you will learn them inevitably. How come Gurgaon, let me explain:

  1. Driving bumper-to-bumper: When the vehicles are moving back to back at a snail’s speed (which is very peculiar of this city) and you are all afraid about even a slight scratch on your brand new car, very soon you’ll learn to not give an inch to those motorbikes or cycle rickshaws which may jam your way from the slightest gap available between you and the next car.
  2. Not letting the engine stop in the middle of road: While  moving in a queue, you will soon learn to hold the clutch and not let the engine stop. The vehicles honking hard at back with no mercy at all (in fact their horns blow louder when they see the bold red-lettered L on your vehicle), will soon make you learn that.
  3. Adapting to the blowing horns: And when there is no way ahead, some vehicles are stuck or something else and you are waiting for it to get clear and the people at back are blowing their horns at full swing, you’ll soon develop into a calm and composed person too, as it won’t matter. (See it has a role to play in personality development too).
  4. Judgement of the vehicle’s dimensions: One more plus point. You’ll get to have the exact idea of dimensions of your vehicle when you’ll have to park at zero gap at assorted locations.
  5. Dealing with fellow drivers: You”ll soon learn to deal with other bossy drivers who ride in the middle of the road and intimidate you with the high beam dipper indicating the ultimate rude signal-“Hello get aside”. Don’t fret, you’ll learn to deal with that very soon.
  6. No indicators: Also you will start utilizing your intuition more often because the people are saving so much these days upon batteries (thanks to the ever rising petrol prices) by not blinking indicators. You can guess on your own, in which direction one wants to go.

So for all this I owe a lot to Gurgaon. I am sure I couldn’t have found such supportive fellow drivers anywhere else who help you lot in turning from a learner into a confident driver (I am not saying perfect), who can now take the vehicle to any place.

And best of all, in spite of all the butterflies going on inside your stomach, you have to pretend confident otherwise everyone is there to bully you and not give you a single inch to move on that scanty (minimum 6m wide) road.


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