To read, or not to read

Lately, I have mentioned this quite often that my blog has added some new dimensions to my life and made it more enjoyable in some ways. One of those dimensions is the world of Reading. To confess, I have never been a good reader. The lack of patience has never allowed me to read books. Reading, being my hobby, is far apart. It was until a few months back too that I believed firmly, I can not read books.

It was only the time I was waiting to join my first job and had 5 days spare with me that I could attempt reading The Alchemist and that too because it is largely commended everywhere and its review too seemed to intrigue me somewhat. Since I was left with no other option, I gave reading a try. And to my wonder, I actually enjoyed it. Still my notion, that I can not read, didn’t change as I thought, perhaps the book was so entertaining that I liked it.

A few years later, I met a friend Anill, who supported that there is abundant knowledge in print throughout the world from where one can learn about anything inexhaustibly. His patronage inspired me to read a few books like Wings of Fire, Ignited minds, The Monk who sold his Ferrari, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. But still it was a kind of hard work for me to read.

When I set up this blog, I loved to write but not read. But if you need to write something, you will have to read. There can’t be a spontaneous source of ideas and skills that can develop on their own. When I started others posts as per the tips from WordPress, I started liking that part too. I subscribed to so many blogs and became a regular visitor for them. Eventually, there were times when I would not write for so many days in continuation but was always active on WordPress, reading what others are doing. And not only WordPress, I started following articles by some good journalists like Sonal Kalra, whom I had never noticed before. But the best of all is, that folks! I have purchased books to read now. It’s not been due to any pressure or the feeling that I should do it in order to keep up with my blog. But this is something I am actually liking.

One of my friends in college was truly madly deeply into reading novels and books one after the other. It was always beyond my acumen that how could someone read so many books besides the text books. May be this is also one of the reasons-now I don’t have any course curriculum to follow.

Anyway, whatever be the reason, the essence is, I am loving it. I don’t know what it will lead to, whether it will lead to somewhere or is just the fervor of this hour. I don’t worry what next I will be reading, as I used to brood over earlier because now I strongly believe, you start trudging and your way ahead will keep evolving. This is something I have learned from one of my 3 lessons of 2011 so far.


6 thoughts on “To read, or not to read

  1. Read anything and everything. Science to fiction, Fairy tales to Astrology, Classics to blogs. Reading helps to develop your imagination power. Good book to a person depends on what kind of a person he or she is. I might be the only person in this world who would have literally thrown “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”, into dustbin after reading halfway. I did that just b’coz I din’t like it. Sometimes I n’joy reading the silliest of the the literature in the net. It all depends on the mood and the kind of person you are.

    1. Yes, I agree and also it depends on what you expect from your reading. Is it for pleasure or learning or anything else…on that criteria books seem good, okay or bad to individuals.

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