Trying to compose…no no, not a post this time

Sometimes, I actually fail to comprehend why there are some days when you feel so dismal, not-so-good and that too without any sizable reason. And at others, you can’t even stop putting on that happy expression and that too…without any substantial reason. Okay! so let me acclaim, today is one the second kind of days for me. 🙂

Ever since, I have arrived at office, I am all happy, not able to stop my grin. I am feeling like talking to everybody and I am sure people around are able to make this out conveniently. But they are not much reacting to it (may be pointing this out when I am not there 😉 ) because they know I am going home today, visiting my parents and siblings. So this vivacious giggle is something very unavoidable.

But they don’t know one thing. They don’t know the other reason that is constantly instilling inside me the feel-good-factor. To ispe ab ek post to banta hai…(this deserves at least one post).

I have created a Facebook page for this blog today-a page that intends to share all the new posts I publish and all other activity going on here. I don’t know whether this page will anyhow help me in making my posts easily approachable or the readers in posting their opinion. But after sharing most of my posts there, I am feeling so pleasured, so contented.

In this happy mode, I would prefer to convey this to you all that it gives me immense pleasure to see the blog stats rising, to see people visiting my posts. It keeps me actuated when you like or comment on them and it lets me get going. To be honest, it gives me a purpose to write-rather write better. Now I actually think about the things I can write about and the whole process of thinking, choosing, framing, editing, reviewing and finally publishing and then checking the blog stats-it is something I am loving these days. And for this, I would not miss to THANK YOU all.


3 thoughts on “Trying to compose…no no, not a post this time

  1. It’s always nice to hear when someone is happy and optimistic about things and life in general. And just like you, having people checking out my post and making encouraging comments makes me smile. They complete my day! thanks for sharing.

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