Some things I never want to forget

Four years back too, similar were the days. I was counting down the number of days left to join my new job, my first job. I had been fortunate enough, like many others, to secure it during my graduation. Although there was ample time to make a decision-either to join the job at hand or to look for another career option, but the notably tempting idea of working with the largest real estate company in India, was imperative enough to not to choose otherwise.

I was already undergoing my internship and the idea of turning more self-sustaining was far more inviting. Extensive planning and budgeting had already begun to let it all be immaculate. Making all due arrangements for our stay in the new city, me and my friend were all thrilled to kick-start a new chapter. After completing our Bachelors in Architecture, we bachelorette were on the brink of living a crazy life in a newly rented apartment-cooking our own food, washing our own clothes, cleaning, grocery shopping, paying our own utility bills-in short leading our own lives.

After a three-day induction, where we were given such a lavish guest treatment ( I am talking about food and stay. As students you are not accustomed to such things, but some long lectures were undoubtedly mundane), we officially became the part of the grand group, joined our new office and started it off.

In the initial months, we were busy getting introduced, understanding ways and systems, getting used to the daily routine of coming to office and at times, bunking office too 😉 And back home, the new home I already explained, life was much more happening. Weekends had acquired all the new significance. Thanks to the regime of back-to-back late night movies, cold drink and chips parties, dining out and hanging out with friends. Eventually new friends added up to my circle, from our office, and started the modus-operandi of parantha parties at nearby dhaba, after lunch walks, birthday cakes, tea breaks and much more. A whole new world was being created and everything there was so impromptu.

At intervals, taking leaves and visiting my parents made those visits much more eventful. It made me recognize the value of Holidays calendar. Soon two years passed by and now many of my colleagues-turned-friends had started switching their jobs. By now, I had started feeling more responsible about my work, more involved into it and above all enjoying all that. From our huge gang, many people left but meeting them outside the office gave us another reason to have some get-together which nobody chose to miss.

All these things led to a smooth transition from student-hood to real adult-hood to self-sustaining-hood to married-hood. Today, I am all set in this phase of my life, heading towards more and more stability. And now, when I am again undergoing another countdown to leave for my next job, I realized I couldn’t snatch this credit away from the first one. I can mention, all that it has done to me professionally, during my farewell next week. But how could I explain this difference, it has made in my life?


3 thoughts on “Some things I never want to forget

  1. I love the ending….the difference it made in my life……We everyday make so many things a part of our life and ourselves that we don’t realize it till the time we part with it and when we do part we realize how it has shaped us. Wishing you luck and success in your new work place.
    BTW where r u joining.

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