Why is it so hard to balance?

In science, there is a concept about equilibrium that all the things in this universe chase that balance. Things keep moving in agitated state till they achieve balance. Ever since, I am a firm believer of keeping balance in life (no matter, how much I have been able to keep it up, actually). Sorry to interrupt, but just now I deduced why I could never become a sincere Science student. When from the concepts of science, one is busy deriving out concepts of philosophy, how could that be possible 🙂 ?

Anyways, back to the track again. So what do you people feel? How important is that balance thing? Is it achievable or not? Is it essential or not? No no, don’t worry, I am not going to preach about anything, although I am very good at that 😉 But on a serious note, I just want understand how people keep up balance in their ever complex lives.

The scenario of working couples, with kids and their schools, parents away in home towns, office schedules and commitments, household chores and what not. Those who are engaged/married and studying(higher studies), they know how they deal with their complexities. And what about the parents with their grown up kids living in different cities? A major chunk of their day goes on phone only unless until they travel to see them or vice-versa.

It’s all maddening, it’s all bizarre. It seems everybody is running after letting all the ends meet in place. I wonder people around have either turned into machines or else have tuned their mechanisms so well that nothing upsets. Perhaps here is when priorities come into picture. Perhaps that is how you learn about the imperfect life and understand that while balancing things you can’t expect them to be all perfect.

I hibernated from this blog for a while, reason being re-adjustments in daily schedule. Even today, I am stealing some time away to show up. Complexities will keep on multiplying with time and age, more and more concerns will keep adding on. And to keep up with them all and still being able to enjoy lives, one needs to give up the craving for perfection.

A man would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault. 

~John Henry

Hence, a bit of fudging is always allowed. After all it is hard to balance…what say???


7 thoughts on “Why is it so hard to balance?

  1. I liked that phrase, too. Well, Balance is an elusive entity. I;m not sure that we ever reach a stady-state. The best we can do is aspireto some portion of the state of being Balanced. But that’s okay. Nature is never balanced either. Nature is a dynamic process, not a state, although there may be a (temporary) balance of forces.

    So too our lives are a pursuit of Happiness = Balance. I think that as long as we recognize the most important values in our lives and try to attend to each of these as simultaneously as possible, we can feel balanced. You are ahead of most people. Just look at your Pages: fitness, travel, leisure, food. Most people could not readily define their collective values, let alone think to balance them.

    I had a Priest friend in whom I confided that I struggled with my religious obligations, that I felt that my religious practices were inadequate. His response to me was, “Dan, I don’t worry about you. The simple fact that you struggle with the need to be a better person means that you are trying. It’s the people who don’t struggle that I worry about.”

    1. Perhaps that’s life…that’s what keeps you going. When things are not in balance, trying to let them be…Those efforts keep us alive. That is what matters the most. Had everything been balanced and perfect, there would be no life. It all would have been stagnant and lifeless. Our problems are the ones, that make us realize the worth of happiness, the worth of pleasures.

      Anyways, thanks for observing this blog closely. Your appreciation has made my day…Thanks!!!

  2. Nice one….i face the similar complexities of life…..i guess u are now coming face to face with balancing ur home life with your office life,ur personal life with professional life…..but as we all indians believe in…..all is Well….balance is soon achieved consciously or unknowingly…..because ass you said..”……all the things in this universe chase that balance.”

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