What’s your plan for the weekend???

And here comes another weekend. So are you ready with your weekend plans (as if that’s another task on the to-do-list)-plans to hang out with buddies, plans for a road trip, plans for a movie or a number of movies, plans to finish off the pending chores, plans to see friends and family, plans to do e-n-d-l-e-s-s number of things…Phew!!!

I am dead sure-this ‘Plan’ thing was not so ‘in’ with our parents and their generation. Anyways, I am not at all in a propensity to cite any comparative analysis of prior generations to the Gen-X or Gen-Y. It’s merely the hangover of the movie-Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, although I watched it a month back 😀 and I don’t even want to get over it.

Hritick’s deadly plan of working like a money-making-machine till 40 and then retire with bangla-gadi and all, to do all those things he wants, is itself indicative of how plans govern our lives today. We keep planning every now & then and plans are always perfect!!! But they have a bad habit, they don’t turn out well, somewhere something happens to them when it comes to getting materialized 😉 And even if things go as planned, then WE do change.

As far as I can fathom this phenomenon is: we plan with a highly practical mindset and when it comes to actually live them up, it’s the deadly combo of head and heart that comes into play. I mean who knows, how you will be perceiving things when you turn 40? Your journey through all those years is bound to introduce changes, it’s bound to define you further. Have our feelings and viewpoints been the same even since past 5 years, let apart 20 years or so.

And above all, who knows, how long are we going to live? Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not me who’s saying that; Katrina Kaif herself said so 😉 when she was teaching Hritick some other ways of living.

Undoubtedly, I simply loved the movie. I don’t put in much brain in analyzing them, that’s why not writing a review for the same. But yes, the entire storyline, amazing star-cast (now should I again mention that I mean Hritick and Katrina in particular, by that), the message conveyed and comic punches at regular intervals-all this has not let the hangover fade away as yet.

I wonder how we keep running after daily routines every hour, every day-with some plan in our mind, to balance the things that exist around us, that matter to us-keeping our joys at the mercy of some particular material accomplishment.

I will be the happiest when I buy my house. I will treat myself when I become the VP. I will go there when I get married. I will go for a family dinner when I get this much profit and so on…

Our days, our months, our years keep passing and we keep on living mindlessly. I have written several posts on this same message, perhaps it is so important and simultaneously so difficult too. It’s easy to say “live in present”. Of course one should pay attention to where he’s at the moment but is that actually so? Are we actually enjoying while driving in those traffic jams, or while leaving home on a Monday morning or other moments we are living in? It’s only when we get rid of those routine things, somehow, that we realize their worth. Even a view of sunrise seems such a reward when Lara Dutta gets detoured in Chalo Dilli. It’s in such situations that we recognize what all, we miss every moment.

So guys!!! it’s true that the ‘balance thing’ is too tricky. One has to plan in any case and still keeping it flexible-is not an easy game. Things keep coming in their own way, sometimes even annihilating our plans and at others, bringing much better pleasures to us. Getting along with them adroitly is the trick-that is the way to keep ourselves alive, till we are alive. A violin too doesn’t play well if the strings are too tight.

Hence do plan-rather plan a great life and as-of-now, plan a great weekend but above all, enjoy it…Wish you all a wonderful weekend 🙂


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