Don’t need to do…still they lie in my to-do

Okay, let me clarify this even before starting…this is not a bucket list, nor it is any set of resolutions. It is simply a recognition; recognition of some facts that have amassed in the recent past. It’s just the cognizance of the idea that devoting some more time or at least, a little time on regular basis, on certain things will emerge me into a more contented individual.

How come? What explains that better, follows:


I am a born “good-food-relish-er”, I can mention that as many times as possible. But I never had the slightest idea, earlier than the past 2 years that cooking food, that people relish, is far more gratifying. It gives immense pleasure, especially for new-comers-in-cooking like me, when something-even some regular food item, tingle your taste buds. So I truly madly deeply crave to move on, in this: cook food more often, more variety of recipes and try some innovations as well.


What bliss it is-writing things and reading them over and over again-only those who love to write, or simply write often, can apprehend. But forging ahead, from regular personal-diary-writing to writing-for-a-public-blog, is altogether convalescent. Above all, it gives so much impetus to write things, that make some sense. And then reading how others write, what attracts and what does not-all this, gives you a fresh vision.

As I often state, architecture has given me a distinct vision to see this world, it’s much captivating and striking than before. Similarly, blogging has given a new essence to READING, a new drift that I want to drive it further to a regular practice.


Why the herbs grown in your backyard taste so exceptional, why the flowers blossoming out of your own plants, look so delightful? I couldn’t infer unless I saw those lovely buds coming out of a wild rose stem or those mint leaves adding so much flavor to the Pulao, I prepared. Now I don’t even mind creating those soil beds or de-weeding the garden or anything else that makes it more appealing. So now I aspire to convert my backyard into a neat and clean kitchen garden consisting of home-grown herbs, flowers, decorative plants and a little more.

Jumping back to the basic requirements is but natural in daily routine-performing tasks that we are required to do, by any means. They don’t comprise, any of the above, at least for me. But stretching myself a bit, out of my comfort zone, can be quite satiating, quite fulfilling. I am not sure how much of the above, will I actually do but as they say ‘writing things down gives them more weight’, I expect this post too, will surely propel me to devote some more time than I normally do.

What about you? Are there certain things that you also want to work on, just like that? Is there some desire, that you don’t get time for? Share your views…may be I recall some more, as well 🙂


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