All I can hear around is…ANNA

It has already been 10 days now and all I can hear everywhere around is “Anna”. Although we are very well familiar with various incidents whose fervor comes up and stays for a while, keeping people and media occupied with their updates; sometimes it is Cricket World Cup or the terror strikes, Commonwealth games or the never-ending scams, train accidents or the ever rising food & petrol prices. Things keep coming, staying and going away, leaving their own mark.

Spreads of corruption

This time it is Anna Hazare and ‘the indefinite hunger strike’ against the evil that has plagued every nook and corner of our system. This time voice has raised again and I must say-it’s loud, quite loud.

And why should it not be? It’s so pervasive, so well-spread. All of us know, how things function, right from the bottom-most till the topmost level, but that is all ‘off-the-record’. A cop might be getting bribed with a hundred-rupee-note, but what about those Swiss bank accounts and massive scams in the name of our politicians, whom we select by casting our precious votes. People who have spent more years in this system than me, might be able to explain better, might have seen this more closely.

It’s all about the difference between ‘on-the-records’ and ‘off-the-records’. On record, it might be a polished and world’s largest democracy, a developing nation making leaps of progress, with its properly organized Parliamentary set-up. But off the records, tell me, who does not know that it’s far easier to bribe off the cop and move on rather than standing in long queues and paying challans. And if, in any case, you don’t know that, they’ll themselves apprise you of the fact when you’re caught guilty on road. Instead of getting your projects stuck in everlasting pipeline, it’s fine to pay under the table and get approvals. People shy away in getting FIR lodged and getting into legal matters because getting into circles with the system, it is much more convenient to compromise there and then.

So it’s right when they say, “our system is corrupt by design”. That is one of the major reasons why people leave India and settle abroad to live a better life-standard, to get rid of this mess, where life is tooooo difficult.

It is all so disappointing, so very depressing.

The Anna debate

In this scenario, it is no wonder if organizations come up and proposals like Jan Lokpal come up to fight away the bug of corruption. After all, people are either totally infuriated or profoundly frustrated by now. They have well understood that they cannot get the things done in a straight way. But because they don’t have as much patience to keep fighting, as Mr. Hazare has shown, hence this bug is spreading much exponentially.

All through these 10 days, India has witnessed so many opinions for and against the “so-called movement”. On one hand, there are masses who have struck the roads to show their support to this anti-corruption move. There are discussions going on everywhere; whether it is news channels, newspapers, magazines, blogs or even people live, applauding Anna Hazare and his team. On the other hand, we come across some poignant other-side stories, viewpoints that totally criticize the whole stand taken. Above all, people are coming up with their respective viewpoints and suggestions. That is why they are calling it a revolutionary movement and at the same time, an ego-fight too.

I fail to understand how a mid-way will be arrived at when every person has some different opinion. If Janlokpal is not a magic wand to remove corruption then this is also obvious that decision makers are going to let it be their way, at least keeping scope for the loopholes from where they can keep working, keep running their lavish households.

It’s difficult to say what it will ultimately result into but one thing is sure-it’s becoming a patent Indian style-delaying things, keep them lingering on, so they may settle down on their own, so they may fade away.

What is the way out?

I don’t know about other people, about other nations, the only thing I m feeling at the moment is-a pain, a stress-of all that is going on. All the hullabaloo that’s getting created, the way things are getting more and more sticky and hopeless.

Being a common man, what all can you do? In the current system, it’s only the government, you can look up to. And right now, my question is: if this is not the way, then what else? What else could be more powerful and if it is possible, then why it has not come up till date?


2 thoughts on “All I can hear around is…ANNA

    1. Yes…it’s good that finally he could end his fast on a positive note, but we wish things plunge in the right direction further too. Because getting something like this, actually done, is quite hard.

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