A Day @ Neemrana

To confess, travel is no more merely going out and visiting places, for me now. This storytelling part is much more fun and for that, I actually devote time and energy taking pics with my husband. And hence comes another entry to my travel diary.

If you also live in Delhi NCR and are looking for a day trip with friends and family or your loved ones, a long drive and some break from the daily grind, Neemrana is just the right place. Okay, I knew this earlier too, but when you actually get to do something, you can say that more sanguinely.

Aravallis begin to appear

First of all, the drive on NH8 through Pink City Expressway, which is still under construction, although. But if you’re also one of the kinds like me, who prefer to justify the drive with some convincable destination-then it’s worth it. Second of all, as you’re about to reach Neemrana, the surrounding Aravali hills begin to impound their spell on you. And finally, when you reach there, it’s altogether a different world (at least from the city), highly captivating, that seems far-off from the capital and its commotion.

Horse shoe hill embracing the Fort
the semi open deck
semi open corridor
columns raised over the rock

Neemrana fort palace, the heritage hotel resort, which originally belonged to the lineage of the royal Prithvi Raj Chauhan is a tremendous icon of restoration. The stone cut from the rocks, creates such a sturdy and bold semblance. Plastered surfaces are beyond any comparison to the beautifully laid stones in the masonry. The contrast it gives to the horse shoe hill over which, this complex sits so gracefully, is impeccable.

Fort in stone
beauty lies in details
stone masonry and the arches
the piece of art
viewing from the deck
at leisure

And yes, contours are so skillfully utilized into 10 playful levels, that you never get bored. Either discover the bits of the Fort, which again gives you a remarkable blend of open, semi-open and closed spaces or else, be seated at leisure in any jharokha or  any deck, gazing at the expansive plains below. Even from the lowest point in the fort, you can look up to admire this piece of art, as there are abundant places to sit. Landscaping too, is splendid, so as to not leave any flaw and spare you from making the best out of it.

looking upwards
dealing with levels
open air theatre
kulhad-the traditional way of terrace insulation
gazing at the plains

This day picnic was such a retreat, I could imagine the bliss it can be in sunny winters. One of my friends even recommended staying there overnight to get the real vibe. It never occurred to me there, that we are just in vicinity to a mad city. But don’t worry…the huge jam, just after crossing the toll plaza near Manesar, made us feel so-back-home 😉


11 thoughts on “A Day @ Neemrana

  1. Dear Rashmi,

    Thank you for sharing your experience at Neemrana Fort-Palace. Your feedback is heartwarming for the entire Neemrana family, for it is guests like you who continue to reinforce our belief in our philosophy of putting new life into an unused and ruined building. Join us in spreading peace and good vibrations in the new year. We look forward to serving you in 2012!

    Warm Regards,
    Team Neemrana

    1. It’s a pleasure that Team Neemrana went through this blog post and much more an honor to see this comment. Neemrana Fort is actually a wonderful piece of restoring architectural heritage that our ancestors have created. Wishing all the very best to the entire Neemrana family and a very happy and successful year ahead.

      Happy New Year

    1. You caught that right…the pink ‘Pink City’!!!

      But this place is on the way to Pink City-a name given to the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan…where we can see more of this kind of architecture…

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