Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

The Path of life can be long or short
And for each of us is different.
For some it is straight and level
While for others it is windy and steep
But for most, it is neither
And yet, somehow, it is both.

~Keith Roger Sherer

‘Path’…this theme brings to my mind several distinct settings in which paths do exist. It can be a straight street through the town, or a sinuous path with hairpin bends; a path along a slope downhill or a narrow one through the wooded jungle. Just like paths get formed in a numerous ways, each one of us too forge diverse paths to trudge through our lives. Some tread on a well-trod path while others devise their own; some design paths and then walk, while others keep trudging and paths do follow.

I have posted a few pictures here, that we clicked during our few past outings. All are various examples of paths we see (though, not all).

I know the landscapes are mostly beautiful, but trudging through them, on a road all wet after rain is simply divine…
Where there is will, there is a way…so what if it is through a jungle
Yamuna follows a path behind the Taj
How these palm trees are accentuating this path through the backwaters-path for the boats…

Photo Credit: All the pictures comprise of my hubby’s collection which he has showcased on his Facebook page.


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