Save those ‘pako-day’ for a rainy day

It is already September and look at the sky, it’s still comin’ up a cloud. It’s still raining, raining heavily. Somehow, by this time of monsoons-all of us have had enough of it. Don’t know about Paris, but I am so sorry, I cannot second Owen Wilson (of ‘Midnight in Paris’)on rains being romantic, especially at this point of time-here in Delhi NCR. Getting wet in showers doesn’t seem any romantic after two months of monsoons . The sound of raindrops falling on the ground is no more therapeutic. It’s no more a relief or a change from the blistering sun because you acutely want that sun to shine and dry off those damp clothes.

What to talk of the greenery monsoons brought by? Even those plants and flowers have wiped the smile off their faces as those rain drops have begun to hit them hard. Soil too, is all saturated and has now turned into wetlands.

A walk in the drizzle seems no more appealing, there is no clear space to walk. Roads are all jam-packed with vehicles, so forget about calling it a ‘season for togetherness’ . What? What did you say? You get so much time together with your spouse way back home and you’ve started knowing people who meet you everyday in those jams? Stop kidding me!!! How can you amuse going on a long drive when there is horrible water logging at intervals or else no chance to budge an inch, in the stuck traffic? So better join the crowd this time and pray for rain-to-go-away; find some other better way to spend time with your beloved.

Just being at home, curled up on a couch with garma-garam chai (any hot beverage of your choice) and watching the downpour from the window seems perfect. But that is too incomplete without the crispy and crunchy home-made pakode. It seems a bliss when you’re wet and cold and much more, if there is Maa to nourish you with all that. Only then you can take off and forget about the mess being generated outside.

Mommy dear is not here and the home-made pakode will remain a mere fantasy without stepping into the kitchen. Hence, apart from relishing the potato and onions pakode, I somehow managed to unfold these innovative traditional and contemporary versions of pakode this season.

Corn and capsicum balls
Capsicum & paneer pakode
Aloo kurkure

These are the few ones I tried at home, otherwise some other possibilities are also there like Bhindi pakode, Stuffed Spinach pakode. The beauty of all these recipes is: the ingredients are readily available and seasonal.

So what’s up at your end? How are you coping up with this cat-and-dog weather?? If you also went through some creative pursuits somehow, come and share here…We’ll be pleased to share more knowledge 😉

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2 thoughts on “Save those ‘pako-day’ for a rainy day

  1. Nice one. I like the snacks.. !! But I disagree with you in one point. Rains are romantic. It feels great to be drenched in rain with your loved one. I’m not trying to be over romantic or Filmy. When I’m alone on a rainy day I miss that feeling. Then I just grab a hot cup of tea and listen to the rain drops.

    1. I know…drizzles are romantic!!! Walking in those raindrops, hand-in-hand with your loved one, is a majestic feeling. So don’t worry, you are not becoming FILMY that way…
      But what I am trying to express here is, the excess of everything is bad and so is the case with rains too…:)

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