There is something terribly morbid in the modern sympathy with pain. One should sympathize with the color, the beauty, the joy of life. The less said about life’s sores the better.

Oscar Wilde

I am sure while writing the last line ‘the less said about life’s sores, the better’, Oscar Wilde actually meant ‘the less thought about life’s sores, the better’. Because you talk about it or not, if you keep thinking about the obstacles, the complications, the unjustness of life, it may never end. It can go on, in a spontaneous flow, taking away your peace of mind unless you deliberately put an end to it. The more you think, the fierce things become.

While talking to my father yesterday, I came to know about one of his friends who was in the hospital since past 2 months. Doctors couldn’t diagnose the real cause of illness for around 3 weeks until they concluded that he’s been suffering from tension and is severely depressed due to which his body metabolism is all disturbed. In other words, he’s suffering from ‘taking things too seriously’.

Also, following Sonal Kalra’s weekly column ‘The Calmer You’ for 5 months now, has brought into light so many differently sized issues that cause day-to-day stress. Some stress out at intimidating, boasting people around while others feel awful about their looks; some fret over how people become pushy for petty things (sometimes important ones too) while others get disgruntled by their bossy bosses; some envy how people take shortcuts and succeed, while others don’t find any relief from their Gmail, Facebook, Twitter; some wish they throw away their mobile phones until they stop ringing at random times while others are too concerned and always ready with their precious advice on Cricket or Politics or Ethics; some worry how their kids will get through while others threatened by the competitive surrounds. Relatives, traffic, exams, relationships, jobs, EMIs,rains, inflation and what not!!! The list is simply endless…

Sometimes there might be bigger reasons too, to worry. But ultimately, all this is taking its toll on your health, resulting into outcomes as small as insomnia or headache to as large as life-taking fatal diseases. Ups and downs keep coming and are inseparable part of life. God has his own methods of regulating them.

No one has everything and everyone has something of sorrow intermingled with the gladness of life.

But, our lifetime is precious; getting baffled by ‘the things not working out’ or regretting about the choices made, will only stress us more. We are a small part of this universe and so are our problems too. After pondering hard about this whole thing, I came across the following three ways out:

1. ‘Keep it simple silly’:

1. ‘Keep it simple silly’:1. ‘Keep it simple silly’: Getting into deep down details and finding complex solutions is itself a stressful activity, so better keep things simple. Accept the things you can do nothing about and move on further. Don’t take it too seriously.

2. Adopt more healthful ways of living: Health doesn’t come merely by following a healthy diet and an exercise/work-out regime. There is a third cause too that affects and that is Stress. So adopt ways to de-stress yourself, de-clutter your thoughts on regular basis.

3. Just do your bit: In any case, you will NEVER BE ABLE TO PLEASE EVERYBODY, to meet up to their expectations. What best you can do in any situation is: performing your best. Leave the rest!!!

What do you think about the stressful patterns of life? What are your ways of handling it? Share with us your calmness tips, you never know who gets a benefit out of it…


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