8 thoughts on “Show these ‘Netiquettes’ @ your workplace

  1. Nice post – you made some great points and suggestions there.

    One thing that you hinted at when you mentioned your colleague who, although not addressed was always cc’ed, is the fact that so many people seem to copy their e-mail the the entire company.

    I think that e-mail should go to those who will action it, with a copy to a (small) selection who need to be advised. Don’t copy to everyone “just in case”. You’re only wasting your colleagues time.

  2. hi,
    everyone is going to identify with this post of yours. And U should not be sorry for the long post. Its going to help everyone @their workplaces. Keep on sharing your experiences.
    And another thing Your blog looks awesome. The best thing about your blog is its design, which is simple yet stylish. Now i think i should be sorry for giving a long comment on your post…..

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