Festivity in the Air

Phew! I have been on my toes since past few so many days, busy-busy-busy all the time. Everyday late to bed and consequently late to rise. And then, rushing for the daily chores to manage reaching work, somehow on time. I am drained out. But you know what? I am not complaining, rather I am grandstanding, I am flaunting. Flaunting what? That I am busy; busy with the festive season and its preparations ;).

Such is the scenario of almost every Indian home this season-better known as ‘the festive season’, when the color and fragrance of the days and nights are entirely disparate from the rest of the year. Every slightest detail demonstrates that something significant is going on. Starting from Navratri, unfurls the array of Dussehra, Karwa Chauth, Ahoyi, Dhanteras, Diwali and finally Bhai Duj. Since all this merriment is disseminated throughout a month-it takes a shape of season than merely a festival.

Furthermore, the preparations consume a lot of time; and people do that wholeheartedly. After all, it’s something peculiar as to our daily routines. The extensive cleansing and embellishing of houses, purchasing gifts and sweets for friends & family and for self too, the dance and decoration, the huge discount offers prevalent at every smallest shop to the largest shopping mall, the ornate patterns in which items are displayed to allure the customers, the heads-of-the-family fretting over towering expenses-bespeak of the ongoing season-the festive season.

You see happy faces all around; can hear the crackers go off and see children waving off the sparklers in streets. You come across people wishing each other happiness and prosperity, all set to get more sociable than routine lives, ecstatic in anticipation to see their friends and family, having lots of fun and frolic. Even at work, there is jubilation, people adorned in gorgeous dresses, looking superb-all in joys of a break, a special time in everybody’s life when festivity is in the air itself. North to south, east to west-there are celebrations in their own style, in their own patterns. This is the time when you start preparing for the coming New year.

And above all else, the dawn and dusk too, start metamorphosing their timing, the hot and humid sun starts moderating its fury, heated air starts transforming into  cool breeze, summers start coalescing into winters and going out for a walk leaves you more rejuvenated, more florid.

Due to all these substantial reasons, I advanced taking some time out from my overly busy schedule 😉 and wish you all a very Happy Diwali before I leave home for my share of celebrations.


5 thoughts on “Festivity in the Air

  1. Nice post… The best thing about your posts are that you present India & Indian culture in a very nice way. which is very rare. At least you are doing your bit to showcase good things of India in your own way. Keep up the good work. Happy Diwali!!

    1. Arindam, you got that right. Presenting India and the beautiful things prevalent here, that form a part of our lives-is itself very satisfying. It gives me two benefits personally-one, feel good about the things we have and two, fulfilling the purpose of letting my readers too feel good while reading. I am glad, that you observed and even remarked about this. Thanks!!!

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