Had days been a few hours longer

Haylo good people! How are you? What’s up? Must be very busy in your daily schedules-ehh?? Yeah yeah, I understand. Otherwise, what else could be the reason that I bunked for over a month from this mini-world of mine? How a week’s break can spread over a month, how getting back to routine can become such a task, how you never get time for the morning workout, reading, blogging and all the other things, you can ever imagine for a perfect life-I understand that … quite well.

Now, if you are nodding your heads in affirmation and feeling so eased that someone could comprehend your plight, then hold on for a second. I am not going to spoil you guys by saying that yes, it’s not possible in this era to manage time for so many things in mere 24 hours. Are bhai…everybody has only 24 hours, still people do wonders. Then why should we give up?

I don’t want to end up fretting over ‘no time at all’ and so must you be feeling deep in your hearts. Chalo not deep down, but somewhere there in a corner? Please allow me to share the steps I recently identified and followed to drag myself out of a phase where I was totally out of sync, and are helping me overcome the sick rush against time and rather stride with it:

1. Stay Organized

How many times has this happened to you? You require some document saved long back and get something done-whether it’s at office or at home. And then, you spend hours searching for that tiny piece of paper? Sounds familiar? Then read this carefully. Although, it might be the 98765th time you are reading the phrase ‘Stay Organized’, even then, keep your eyes wide open and trust me for this. Put your things in order, now. Simple, clutter-free and clean space is the mantra. As they say ‘Everything in place, place for everything’. Once you do that, measure the time you actually gain.

2. Planning:

‘Don’t waste time in planning, just get back straight to work. Plans don’t work’– I know you don’t belong to this school of thought. That’s why my dearies! I am saying-plan things in advance, even the slightest details; let the plans be as exhaustive as possible-it reduces the chances of error. Devote time to planning and see how quick you accomplish things, the right way.

3. Priorities:

Now don’t look for a checklist or a format ready-made for you. Take out your own scales for your priorities and make some effort to measure the importance or urgency of things in your life. Only then you can take smart decisions of devoting your precious time. Get rid of the things and activities, that don’t matter.

Heard about the Pareto Principle or the 80-20 rule? 80% of effects come from 20% of causes. That simply means-80% of your success comes from 20% of your efforts and 80% of your failure results from your 20% mistakes. Hence, focus 80% of your time and energy on the 20% that matters. Don’t just “work smart”, work smart on the right things.

4. Delegate:

Now stop behaving like a Superhuman yaar. People know you have the capability, and even if they don’t know-why worry? The point is in getting things done without overburdening yourself. Get adequate help/assistance of the right people in your tasks, it lends you a smarter hand. Also, it helps you sharpen your people skills. So it’s a total win-win situation-Just Go Ahead.

5. Avoid distractions:

Emails, feeds, futile tensions, phone calls or any other unimportant thing that gets you off the track is nothing, but mere distraction in whatever you are doing. Keep them aside when something important is going on. Instead dedicate hours with least distractions, to the most important tasks. That’s one of the reasons, why early mornings are remarkably productive.

6. Keep your cool:

With blood pressure soaring all heights, heart palpitating like a bass drum-isn’t it a matter of common sense that you will end up your day getting all drained out, all exhausted? And now, if you are saying yes, then do I need to mention further that keeping your cool can help you sustain longer, work bigger and perform better? So by all means, Take Things Easy.

7. Recharge:

And above all, don’t miss any little chance to refresh, rejuvenate and celebrate life. Work hard, work smart but make conscious attempts to refuel your batteries. By all means, your productivity will increase much more than you can imagine, the hurried times will squeeze genuinely.

December is already here; the whole year has gone by and you don’t know how many more will pass by without even budging the things lying in your wish-list. In order to check them off and do things that really matter, anyhow, you need to fit them in the daily schedules, wherever you can.

(Am wondering whether this post would work even for a month and will I be able to get back to a regular regime of writing 😉 )


9 thoughts on “Had days been a few hours longer

    1. Thanks Prikshit….I know, these are the two things where often it’s a tug-of-war between head and heart. That’s why, we know all this but doing it in actual, becomes a task 🙂

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