How do I see this….Rockstar?

Ohh I know… I know guys, it’s late-it’s too late for this post. It won’t be strange if you even want to kill me for posting about Rockstar after a month of its release; when other movies like The Dirty Picture, Ladies vs Ricky Bahl are already out and making big money and of course, Big News.

In spite of all that, the crazy free-bird, Jordan still persists. Masand has rightly said “In these times of instant gratification, here’s a film that makes you think. Not a perfect film, but one that stays with you long after the lights have come back on.” Huh! I am thinking even longer and the more I listen to the songs, the more I fall in love with the devil-may-care attitude of this Rockstar. The intensity of emotions, intensity of passion, intensity of music, intensity of love-above all, the intensity of eccentricity-is simply engrossing. Some people are born free; you can not enclose them in bounds. Hence in this made-up world today, it’s a good deal to watch this unconventional tale of honesty and unattainable passions.

Rockstar is the real analogue of passion-a passion for anything, any damn thing in this world. It portrays how passions transform lives. How passions know no logic, how passions take us beyond the rights and wrongs. How a lad can miss looking at even the most beautiful girls in his peak youth, while yearning for his passion to become a singer and how even the apex of stardom and popularity, doesn’t matter at all-when all that he wants is-to be with the love of his life. No calculations, no regrets-only following his heart. Where else can you witness this level of honesty, in these times?

And the lyrics that still keep the flame on:

Mann bole ke ras mein jeenay ka harjaana duniya dushman
Sab begaana inhe aag lagaana
Mann bole mann bole, mann se jeena ya marr jaana

Rivaazon se, samaajhon se kyon
Tu kaate mujhe, kyun baante mujhse iss tarah
Kyun sach ka sabak sikhaaye, jab sach sunn bhi na paaye
Sach koi bole toh tu niyam kanoon bataaye.


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