One Year:expressed-by-words

The New Year Day is yet 16 days away, then which one year I am referring to? Since you clicked the title to read this post, by now, you might have a fair idea of what the rest of post is all about.

That’s right, it was one year back that I posted something on this space. Although my husband was pressing upon me since long  to start-up a blog and write about our excursion to the Indian heritage in Agra and Fatehpur Sikri, accounting for the delicacy and artistry, we caught a glimpse of. But I was not very sure, if I wanted to have a blog, if I had any plans to continue it further and even if I do, what all I’ll be posting about.

But sometimes it is better not to Begin With The End In Mind :). Because at such times, you are destined to undergo something as blissful as my experience with expressbywords.

Refinement of random thoughts

Once I framed the first draft of our journey, composed it with all that we actually felt there, refined those early drafts with suitable vocabulary and grammar, transformed the entire experience into words and posted it on the web, it was such a pleasure looking at that self-written post again and again. And then followed the obvious-‘an addiction to this pleasure‘.

Unlike journal-ling, this process has somehow created a few preserve-able pieces of writing, which I can cherish throughout my life. Because it’s not merely emptying the contents of mind on paper and that is why it didn’t need to be burnt away or torn into pieces.

Keener observation

Now things don’t simply pass across my mind. Rather, a natural process of ‘being analyzed automatically’ has inculcated into the mechanism and the worthwhile are kept for further consideration :).

And as someone has said ‘90% perfect and published always changes more lives than 100% perfect and stuck in your head’. So it further encourages to get keener on observing the world around. Also, I stated long back“I have so many thoughts and I need to communicate them” :) And today for me, things are not expressed well unless they are expressed-by-words.

The new connections

The best of all is the new kind of bonds it created, whether the people I already knew or those whom I never met, with the people who are like-minded or what Marya calls as her own tribe. So I won’t miss this chance to thank you all-in whatever way you’re connected to expressbywords, I am glad and thankful that you devoted your precious time here.

In this one year, expressbywords has become a ‘Way of Life’ to me. And I hope and I wish it goes way ahead further for many more years and takes much more beautiful shape. As of now, let’s celebrate this happy occasion with a chocolate or anything else that you like to have. Once again, heartiest thanks to you all.


11 thoughts on “One Year:expressed-by-words

  1. Congratulations on your first blogging anniversary. A year well expressed. When I browse through my photo albums I cherish the magic moments captured in stills. I think blog is a personal journal that captures your emotions in time. One year might still be early for this question; do you see a different Rashmi in the posts published last December?

    1. Thanks a lot Yatin. You are right, we keep on doing things-writing, reading, capturing pictures, whatever we are interested in. But when those small small pieces are framed like we do in our blogs, it really makes a difference. They seem to be baby steps taking ourselves long way ahead. And that’s why we change, we improve and we re-discover ourselves 🙂

    1. Hi Aparna

      That is what actually happens to all of us, who start-up a blog and start publishing their posts-rediscovering our own selves. Wish you too a good luck and good time here. Keep visiting 🙂

    1. Thanks Ruby! That’s why I said, a new kind of bond created even with those whom I already know :). Hoping to post in the next year too and reading your posts as well, which are also always so simple, yet artistic.

  2. Congratulations and Happy New Year.

    Its good to know that so soon you achieved this milestone.

    I specially like the line…..not to begin with the end in mind……well this is the case with me every time i start, be it anything.

    And you are welcome if think that I am one of those who….”devoted your precious time here.”
    But the fact remains that it was you who inspired me to start my own blog and exposed me to the joy and “an addiction to this pleasure‘ of reading your own thoughts.

    Keep up the good work and wish you loads of luck so your blog may grow many folds.

    1. Thanks Prikshit for the good words…and yes, for the time-precious time, you devoted. All this is amazing, those who experience the same (like you) can understand much better. Looking forward to more posts on your blog too…:)

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