A Delicious Start to a Sunday

December begins and suddenly there is quick rush towards the year-end. With the days approaching New Year’s Eve, the chill in the air keeps getting severe and sharper. Yes, I am talking about the real chill, the real cold, the winters. By now, all your woollens and winter wear must be out, especially in North India and the favorite part of your day must be cuddling within your warm quilts and blankets.

Still there is one more thing that makes winters so special-the lots and lots of veggies flocking the vegetable markets ;). If you are also the ones who love to add the season’s best in your meals or simply relate your food with both taste and health, then I bet this special feature of winters will not go amiss your observations.

Veggies-that you can use in so many forms, in so many ways-it’s all up to you, how innovative you want to get in that. Soups, gravies, pulaos, pastas, noodles, sandwiches, salads-whatever, these veggies give a special color, a special flavor to everything. There are plenty of options to tingle your taste buds.

Hence, apart from all the other ways of utilizing these abundant veggies, I didn’t miss the chance to use them for a vegetable Uttapam as well-tomatoes, onions, capsicum and what to talk about the fragrance that coriander adds to any damn thing. Since the batter was ready beforehand, it was not really tough for my sleepy eyes on a chilling wintery Sunday morning to get into the kitchen and start preparing the breakfast.

Within 15 minutes, we were ready to have the moist, soft and light Uttapam with coriander and coconut chutney, lending a wholesome and delicious start to a Funday-that is Sunday.


6 thoughts on “A Delicious Start to a Sunday

  1. Looks really yummy, Tryin my hand on cookin for the 1st time tomo.
    Ur uttapam looks yummy n quick 2 cook, Hope it comes out well 🙂 Btw m just another new bloggr trin my hands on bloggin. Hope to get some good tips from u. 🙂

  2. Yeap. Uttapam is great way to start the day, tossed with veggies and can’t go wrong there. Did you garnish the uttapam with diced veggies or you sprinkled on it while on the pan?

    1. Hi Yatin
      Thanks for visiting. I sprinkled these veggies when the batter was spread on the pan and when tossed backwards, these veggies also get cooked for a while. Do you have some other way of doing it? Please let me know.

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