Up above the world so high, like a Bird in the sky

It’s a beautiful day, an unusual one; when something I never even dreamt of, is coming true. I am all animated, all elated-without any idea what’s going to happen next. Looking for the instructor to call my name, I am in a desperate wait for my turn now. I had not set it as a new year resolution or a goal to accomplish before I turn 30 or even the one in my bucket list, but see I am lucky enough to be flying on my own in a while. I am trying my best to compose all the random feelings and thoughts arising inside my head and heart and attempting earnestly to behave calm and alert too. And here comes the man with all the stuff to get me set for the ride.

Very dutifully, I have packed myself well, to avoid any kind of problem or hindrance in my delight. And now I start running, with a pounding heart and held breath. Before I could expect anything, within 10-15 steps of running, it is hard for my feet to continue. The upthrust of air has started pulling me up; the gliding machine tied to me, has started exhibiting its aura around me.

And now, there’s no ground beneath; I have crossed even the edge of cliff I was running on, a few seconds back. All that I can see is deep valleys and contours looking similar to a view at Google Earth. The cool air is not only flowing, rather carrying me too with it, yes I am actually flying now. The wings have spread fully and I am feeling like a bird. In total rhythm of my flight and the breathtaking views from the sky, I have even forgotten who I am. Time has paused now and nothing else is on my mind.

I could never see this world from that perspective ever. After living those elaborate 15 minutes of my life in the air, it’s time to get down now. Now I should look down to find an appropriate place to land. As I am sailing down, the details of Google Earth again start getting zoomed in, clearer picture of the landscapes, the hills, the roads, the trees, the water-everything is getting more and more crystal-clear. But there are too many power lines there and I m afraid I may not hit into them. So I should be more careful. But despite my best of efforts, I am getting closer and closer to those cables.

‘What are these roaring sounds now? Ohh they are so loud, so annoying. I have to get my way down.’ I am perplexed, I am confused-what is this coming in my way, plundering the pleasure of the most perfect moments of my life. In no way, I’ll let it ruin the end; the whole flight will not be well if it doesn’t end well. But the sound gets even more rowdy and strident. I move my limbs in rescue and to my horror, I find my cell phone ringing the alarm bells vehemently.

‘Oh no! don’t tell me it was a dream. Don’t tell me it was all not real. No, I don’t want to wake up.’ I turn my alarm off on snooze and am trying getting it back. But I have lost it by now. Even after trying gravely for 15-20 minutes, I can not get back that sensation again. And with no other option left, I am back on ground, landed safe and sound to get up and get going for the office. ‘If one can manage paragliding in this chilling weather, then going to office is not such a big deal. So what if it’s a Monday morning.’ That’s my way of consoling myself. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Up above the world so high, like a Bird in the sky

  1. Hey rashmi , it feels like i was doing para-gliding while reading ur blog…infact while reading i was searching the name where u did this…but last para broke my dream also…..but great writing yaar….
    Enjoy regards,

  2. For a second I almost got into the thought that the cell phone rang while you were looking for a landing spot and my thought anticipated you fighting of your dilemma to answer it or not. That’s the precise reason I never contemplated flying solo, landing paranoia preoccupies my adventurous thought on para-gliding. I’d happily settle for para-sailing – 1) you are attached to a rope – not that you’d climb down but you won’t be a stray kite!! 2) There’s always water below. (and I’ll choose shark free one)

    Btw – Your blogroll lead me to the tiger trail & I mentioned your name in the comment there. http://sharmilasays.wordpress.com/2011/12/09/happy-2nd-anniversary/#comment-14486

    1. Yatin…the idea of parasailing is really fantastic but the dream didn’t do so much of pre-analysis before coming 😉 Anyways, I read your comment on Tiger Trail, thanks a lot for all the acknowledgement you have given me there. Hope you enjoy you journey and experience through the blogging community.

  3. Must say .. very brilliant piece of writing here. I had no doubts of this being your real experience until your alarm rang. 🙂 Happy winters and happy working
    Have a great time ahead

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