Living once again…this New Year

So guys, I believe the New Year bash is finally over. After spending around a week in wrapping up 2011, rewinding all the important as well as beautiful things it brought by, making your houses as well as minds clutter-free, resolving the dilemma of making New Year Resolutions or not, having good food, fun and frolic, sending and receiving so many New Year wishes across friends and family, and above all, spending a lazily luxurious Sunday at the start of this fabulous year 2012, you might be back to the normal lives now.

Like most of you, the only words I could hear/read in this time is – HAPPY NEW YEAR. It seems as if everybody is programmed to utter those words before beginning any conversation or write them on their pages to do their bit; their bit in wishing that the current year brings all the joys and happiness to you, that your dreams may come true, that you make all success in this current year.

But you also know well, happiness doesn’t come solely through wishes. Being simply happy for the rest of the year, is not an easy game. It requires certain efforts on our part too. Although I had shared this post last year on the ways to stay happy, I believe, by now, you too might have made certain efforts in the earlier years of your lives, understanding what all can make you happy.

But this year, come forward to understand what takes you aback, what spoils your peace of mind. See why you become vulnerable to the situations and how you allow them to pre-dominate and encroach on your time. Hence, before focusing on other targets that you have lined up for this year, strike at the very basic necessity of living better. Learn to let go, to forgive; whether it’s somebody else or you, yourself. Make an actual new start this new year. Promise yourself to be stronger than the situations, to at least not let petty things overwhelm you and your peace, to not let them drain out your new energy and enthusiasm.

I am sure this de-cluttering, this unloading of resentments can let you focus 100% on the things that are genuinely important, that can make a difference in your lives indeed. Only then, those hundreds and thousands of wishes will work wonders.

To let a happy start to my New Year, I pampered us with this rich Vanilla Fruit and Nut Cake made at home. After all, they say You Live, Only Once. Then why not live happily.


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