It’s the time to think ‘inside’ the box

What is the most interesting thing you have come across lately? What one single thing that amazed/shocked you in recent times?

The huge percentiles that people accomplish in CAT & other exams year after year or the cut-off list ending at mere 95% for the top universities; the dance performances by those young chaps in dance reality shows or Archana Pooran Singh’s hysterically continuous laughter in those comedy shows; the flashing breaking news for Sachin’s ‘shatakon ka shatak’ or latest news on Bollywood celebrities’ break-ups and patch-ups; the anti-corruption movements, indefinite fasts by variety of people or the news of murderous killings and accidents. What exactly makes you feel shocked? What is something that you never heard of before?

Yes, this is what I am trying to point out, as Simran at Radio City says, “the shock value of things has reduced to a great extent”.

Oh that dress is so common!

Hmm that dance is so average!

No no! his child is not very outstanding

Huh this hairdo is so usual

(Or as my boss says, “Oh is elevation ko dekh ke maza nhi aaya, do something nice/interesting)

Last Sunday I somehow managed to get a glimpse of  our handsome star Hrithik Roshan at Ambience Mall, where they announced to select a girl who could get a chance to dance with Hrithik. Now how they can select, and that too, randomly? One has to be really eye catching, drawing attention. A screeching voice came from the enormous crowd, “Hrithik we want to see you shirtless” and obviously she became the lucky one to reach the podium.

Hence, there is no limit to people exceeding limits today. In such a scenario, it’s really tough to genuinely utilize your talent and carve a niche in this world. The easy access to information in our era, has somehow made things seem so boring, so used-to, so common.

This is precisely the reason why we often see people adopting weird and even unfair means, at times, to seek attention. That is why there is a long queue of people  who strongly believe that negative publicity is still a publicity. Dolly Bindra, Pooja Mishra, Rakhi Sawant, Poonam Pandey, The Dirty Picture are some fresh examples. Even kids know this dialogue now-“Kuch logon ka naam un ke kaam se hota hai, mera naam badnaam hoke hua“. Then it reminds me the weirdest song of recent times Kolaveri Di, to which still my heart is amazed how can that ridiculous song be so popular, in spite of that my head knows the fact very well. How the oh-so usual film Delhi Belly turned into a blockbuster because of its bold and abusive language is another example that unless it is something striking, something weird, things don’t catch our eyes.

Looking close-by in our surrounds too, we often feel the intensity of such emotions when people behave in a certain manner that may guarantee them a tag called ‘different’ or ‘not like others’ or ‘not belonging to the herds’. The ones who can speak endlessly, present  their thought-provoking ideas which are actually total non-sense, the ones who dress so weird to carry a unique attitude  and confident image or the ones who show-off they are only comfortable having paranthas with fork or a poor banana too, with a fork. (Remember Delhi Belly, once again?)

When such things irritate us so much, we must put an end to them and of course, should start from ourselves. Getting a limelight is difficult, but going beyond sensibility to fetch that limelight-is it a right choice baby? If your answer is no, the rest of the post is for you.

Since there is no limit to excellence or talent in this world, that doesn’t mean we should not discover our own. You never know how many unexplored piles of talent lie within you. I read a sensible article few days back and arrived at a conclusion that keeping only you as a benchmark and striving to bring out the best in you, can ensure a much fulfilling, satisfying and contented lifetime than a rat race where in the end you still remain a rat. At least you are satisfied at the end of each day and even by the end of your life, that you lived a great life.

As Vinita Dawra Nangia pointed out rightly in her blog “The fight is not to leave others behind, but to achieve one’s own full potential.” Or else refer to Aamir Khan’s dialogue in 3 idiots “Chase excellence and success would follow.” Hence short cuts are only for those who believe they can not excel.


10 thoughts on “It’s the time to think ‘inside’ the box

  1. This was indeed a hearty read. I guess there is a connect between what one thinks and what one comes across to read. The reason is, yesterday evening I thought to myself what is modernity. Why people who don’t care about their undergarments displayed over their clothes are called “modern” and why neatly and respectably dressed are called “traditional”. Why would that be modern? Modernity after-all doesnt mean regression. I think I got a partial answer here cos as you rightly pointed out, people who display that “Away from the herd” attitude are called modern, despite an afterthought whether its really good for him/her and the society as a whole.

  2. Rashmi,
    Badiya hai ….badiya hai…bht hi badiya hai….

    What I feel is that though you are true when you say that the shock value of things has reduced. Its probably because in today’s world even a small kid is exposed to the latest technology, he knows what is happening where and globalization has taken away the surprise factor from any new invention or discovery. The things that have awed us in the past has raised our expectations beyond limits and as you said that there are piles and piles of talent so the competition is also proportional. When competition is there so a difference by miniscule degree doesn’t impress us. Mind you I am talking of competition to get recognition for any talent you have. Now the only possible way to attract attention is to do what has not been done in the past and that would obviously mean unscrupulous means of publicity. As they say …jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai….so to get noticed what should one do.

    I don’t say you’re wrong but I won’t even say they’re wrong. Lets relate it like this. Necessity is the mother of invention. Something happens because it is required. A new product enters a market because there is demand for that. Similarly people adopt unorthodox means because they get appreciation. And believe me that’s how its going to be. I cant change, you cant change this. It’s genesis has been from the society and only a full cycle of societal evolution will be able get rid of this thing.

    I like the examples you have quoted.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. A definitely thought provoking article. Be the change you want to see in the world. A lesson to be taken to the depth of the hearts. 🙂 Keep up the good work, Rashmi.

  4. //At least you are satisfied at the end of each day and even by the end of your life, that you lived a great life//

    Well said.

    Age is not even a bar. any time , any one, can achieve it, if only they want that satisfaction, instead of being a rat.

  5. Very well said.
    Age is not even a bar. One can start any day, and leash full potential.
    //At least you are satisfied at the end of each day and even by the end of your life, that you lived a great life//
    Yes, I have felt it.

  6. Good Read..

    I used to think the same way you are thinking few years back. Now this competitive world had taught me that, it is the destination important, not the way to it. They say if the destination is beautiful don’t bother about the road.. but at the same time if the road is beautiful,double check where it is leading you.

    There would have been lot of girls who wanted to be on the podium to meet Mr. Bollywood as u said. It is not the -ve publicity that got the girl on the podium but here timely and right use of words. If you do the same thing what others do, no one will ever notice you. You will be one among the crowd… In today’s world it is important to be unconventional (Chetan Bhagat and Amish are few examples in the literary world)

    1. I totally agree with you on this Vineesh that if you do same things as others do, no body will ever notice. Refer the 3rd lesson that I posted in this blog-post It says the same.

      But the problem is when in a race of getting noticed, stop exploring our talents and simply focus all our energies on ways and means of getting the limelight, when we wear a mask that is totally alien to what we actually are, when we are hell-bent upon finding short cuts and the quality gets lost far back.

      Dramatization is the need of the hour today-point taken. But there are certain good and creative examples too, to do the same-Vodafone ads being one of them. So be unconventional, but as you also said double check where it is leading you.

  7. Nice written back-tracking bollywood. The wise say that we have reached the stage where the generation is stuck… with all the questions that need to be asked, already asked and the answers that one searches, already answered. With no more questions and with no more answers, we are stuck, stuck to accept the mediocre sans exception…


  8. What amazes me the most is the stardom of shahrukh. Can’t figure out if the artistic taste haa dropped or tolerance level has increased in people!

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