P.S…Mum I Love You

Remember VIRUS from 3 idiots? And his Power nap of 7.5 minutes? :):):)

I, too, am on a Power Break these days; Power Break of 3-4 days. I am with my parents, especially my Mum, having loads of fun and frolic, yummy food and dishes, shopping, long chats about dresses, hairstyles, lifestyle, home, furnishings, relationships and much more. It’s total fun-a world away from the world.

Courtesy: Google Doodle

But it’s not been the same since ever. It’s the same oh-so strict and tough Mom who ensured every intricate detail to inculcate discipline in our lives. Getting up on time, fixed playing hours, home-work on time, no bunk from schools, eating all veggies and that porridge, keeping our rooms and Almira tidy-in short, a total no-non-sense. Whether school or extra curricular activities, she has always inspired spontaneously. That’s how she nurtured a few skills too, in us. But at the same time, kept us always grounded. I remember getting even 98% marks at a time in school and still feeling ‘I could have performed better, had I attempted that exam question as she had taught me to’.

Like all other mothers, she has been protective too but never let her tears or emotions dwindle us. Instead, she kept things so convenient for us, providing all the comforts required, which we could never even realize as kids. Warm and nutritious food, clean and ironed clothes, neat and tidy rooms, in short taking care of our minutest necessity without even making us realize she’s doing it for us. Now that I manage my household, I can comprehend what pain she’s been taking all these years to make sure we are conveniently carrying out our chores and assignments. It’s now that I recognize she’s so much like me only (I know it’s vice-versa, but I knew only myself till so many years) but she kept herself aside in nourishing us perfectly.

Courtesy: Google Images

Even today I wonder how convenient things seem to be, when she’s there, how I don’t need to put any effort in any planning or scheduling, how her mere presence makes everything seem so simple, so conducive. How sharing every minute detail with her gives so much of assurance and confidence that we are on the right track. How she always has some better idea/suggestion in every respect (sorry Papa, this is applicable to you as well, but it’s Mother’s Day, so today you can surely call me Mummy ki Chamchi).

Don’t know if I can ever become that indispensable part for my family but wherever I am, whatever I am, I’ll always need my Mommy.

P.S…Mum I Love You!!!


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