A Comeback note…hopefully ;-)

2 years and 11 months… It’s exactly this long that took me to finally open the dormant WordPress app, which I too maintained very religiously on my phone inspite of several reminders from Clean master to uninstall the unused app.

Although all this while, I wanted to come and post but today it was the WordPress email that compelled me to check out what’s happening in this mini world of mine. Above all, the email title was also very flattering, ” I miss you and so do other people! ” 😉

And now…that I have revisited, I would first introduce the cute little addition to my life that has added a new dimension to myself and perhaps kept me occupied for most of the past 2 years. Yes, I am talking about my darling daughter who is now a congenital part of my life.

Hence, one thing is apparent. It was not a writer’s block nor had the thoughts popping in my head vanished. They were even more prevalent, even more vociferous instead.

But every time I think of expressbywords, there’s a craving to come back and not let it be a history. After all the theme of this blog in first place was to do all that you want to do and not be slaves to daily routines and tasks.

And that’s why perhaps, I am back again…hopefully…to talk more, to express more, to share more…and of course…to live more.

Hoping to see you guys more frequently!!!


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