Life is too short to waste anyway…

“Life is short… Don’t waste it in doing things you don’t like”

Sounds like a cliche?

Yes it is…but think again. Doesn’t it seem to you that the nature is ringing it’s alarm bells really loud, to convey that LIFE is uncertain; something that is very dear,  very valuable to us. We spend years and years to make it secure, invest in all sorts of insurance policies to not to take any chance, work really really hard to be comfortable in future, even don’t mind stepping onto others to win over the rat race. And for what? Just to secure our future, insure our life? But just see, how vulnerable it is.


It’s merely 5th month of the year and 2-3 massive earthquakes in a row; undue, untimely rains spoiling all the crop; and if that’s not enough, some crazy people madly killing innocent human beings for their some own illogical reasonings.

Even if we don’t talk about the uncalled for end to this precious life due to the pangs of nature or some stupid accidents caused by someone’s “minor” mistake, even then it’s true that LIFE IS SHORT; it is finite. We all have a limited number of breaths deposited into our accounts that can neither be stolen nor transferred to anybody else. So… Time for a reality check!!!

Think again guys… What are we upto? What’s that we are running after? Is it something that will fetch us the ultimate satiety.

Ghar, gaadi, paisa…all these material possessions are perishable, they are not permanent. So why not invest in stakes that will remain forever, at least till the time we are. Something that may not let you repent that you didn’t live…

I think it’s high time now to get started today. Live more, love more. Do what you have always desired to, be what you have always aspired to. The winner of a rat race still remains the rat, have that borne in mind. Futile tensions and feuds, merely for these superficial gains is a total loose-loose situation.


The day we leave,there might be many to dos still pending in our lists, but just make sure they may not be the breaths you wanted to take in pleasure; the moments you wanted to live with your loved ones; the deeds you wanted to do for good of others; the ways you had figured out for a dream life.

One of my friends shared a beautiful quote a few days back:

Zindagi mili to thi kisi k kaam ane mein

Par guzar rhi hai kagaz k kuch tukde kamane mein…


So for that, don’t wait anymore and get started, today itself. Make all your efforts to add meaning to your life. After all, LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO WASTE IN DOING SOMETHING THAT YOU DON’T LIKE…


One thought on “Life is too short to waste anyway…

  1. Liked it….. going through the lines i could feel the energy with which the article was written… it inspired me for sure….

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