Dude…What you want from your life?

“Mmmm….it depends… What do you want from your life…”

How many times you hear people saying this phrase? Especially when you have to choose something and you are trying to get a ready made solution and a clear guidance towards that choice?

The first time I heard this phrase was,  when I was trying to fetch an answer, on making my very first career choice and discussing the same with my mentor. I asked him what would be the best option for me, whether going for a post graduation or taking up the job offer I had in my hand, after graduation. I’d expected an answer that would state a crisp and clear picture of what is more beneficial and that after discussing with him, all my stress will vanish and I will become a clear minded soul, with a reinforced decision from a very capable and experienced professional. But what he replied, in actual, was…“It depends…on what you want from your life. What’s your priority?” Ooops… again, I was left confused. The ball was, again in my Court.

What to do…what do I want?

I mean…how do I decide what I want. I want everything. I can’t limit my desires or wishes or dreams to merely money or merely work or merely architecture, for that matter.

Today when I look back, I realize that, it was just the beginning; beginning of a life as an independent individual who has to take his/her life decisions not depending on what’s the best, instead on what suits them the best. It was the beginning to know that different people have different situations, different inclination , different choices and hence different solutions to even similar problems. It was just a beginning to know that we all are, people with our own individuality.

I took my first decision based on what suited my instincts at that time and so do I till date. The only difference being, as you grow up, you define your instincts, you understand yourself better. You understand what your priorities are, what works for you and that’s why people say….depends…what you want from your life.

Yesterday again, there was a discussion going on with my peers, regarding what’s the best place to work. And again after so many ifs and buts, after a long discussion on varied facts and figures, the only conclusion we could derive was….depends….what you want from your life. But today, I don’t feel astounded at this inference, because by now, I have understood, life is not about merely blacks and whites. There are so many shades of grey in between. People have different paradigms and different situations and their decisions should be based on their priorities only.

Choices we make

Just because I am writing this, uska matlab ye nhi ki I have reached that ultimate state of wisdom and self awareness. It doesn’t mean that I am very clear on what I want from life; I am still the one who wants everything, still the ambitions are high without any compromise 😉 But today, I have my priorities in place, which keep getting refined with time and which help me, in taking my small and bigger decisions; which help fetch certain things just now while others are pushed a little back.

So, are you clear on what you want? Have you been able to define your wishlist? Do you like to go with the flow, or do you channelize the things on your chosen track? Please share with us. You never know who gets a favor from your viewpoint.


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